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The world of Puredistance is perfectly visualised at Pinterest

For the past month we have been working on setting up a Puredistance Pinterest Page. This wonderful and original social media platform has given us the opportunity to introduce the world of Puredistance to a bigger audience and to highlight our perfumes & accessories.

We often feel that Puredistance is more than just a Perfume House, but also a company with a strong (visual) message and we take pride in telling you our stories and showing you our pictures. With Pinterest we found a creative way of presenting our pictures in order to show what we have to offer as a company and how passionate we are about our brand.

Our Pinterest page: simple yet elegant

The design of Pinterest is simple and elegant. We can “pin” visuals we love and communicate the story of Puredistance without using too many words. Our followers get the chance to re-pin the visuals they feel  connected to or inspired by and share their experience of Puredistance with others.

We hope to continue to share our future stories with you through Pinterest and to also be inspired by your pins in creating more beautiful visuals. In addition to our official Puredistance Pinterest page we also have 2 pages specifically aimed at our Russian and Chinese audience respectively. Take a look and experience our pages for yourself!

Puredistance Main Board
Puredistance China
Puredistance Russia