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In the short time Puredistance M has been on the market (since December 2010) many bloggers and users have already been writing about this special fragrance. In this M-Special we selected some comments from M-users who expressed their thoughts on a forum on the internet (all male, since it turned out M was generally perceived and purchased as a M(ale) fragrance). Of course Puredistance M feedback is not ALWAYS so super positive as in these quotes, but we thought our cool M Photo-Special does deserve POSITIVE notes only! (and then, try and google yourself, 90% of what has been written on Puredistance M IS very positive).

14.01.2011 - thebeck - USA: "M opens with a nice bergamont lemon combo leading into very subtle nice carnation floral. The lemon really never goes away, constantly refreshening the carnation. The dry down is spicy, woody, resinous and balsamic with a touch of very soft leather. There is no WOW FACTOR with "M", just a consant whisper. Listen close and you'll fall under its spell. Is it worth the money? Absolutely, fragrances like this are rare treasures."

02.02.2011 - MikeNY - New York: "My bottle/ vial arrived today after three weeks of waiting. With the first spray I was very let down, probably because it was not what I expected. Five minute later, my nose opened up, my mind opened up. It hit me and I was moved beyond words. This is one of the most gorgeous fragrances I have ever smelled. It's operates at the same volume as Windsor, living up to it's own motto of "quiet strength."I'm lookin forward to seeing how this progresses throughout the day, but so far: stunning!"

11.02.2011 - SoGent - USA: "FINALLY received mine today on the 2nd try. A single spritz around noon & it's still going strong.This will be / is an instant classic & just may be about as close to perfection as a perfume can reach - nothing else will surpass it.

17.03.2011 - NineXseven, New York: "Got my sample two days ago. I'm not usually one for modern niche fragrances but M is un-friggin-believable! Roja Dove has blown my mind. A bottle has been ordered (and I almost NEVER buy modern niche, especially not at full retail).

It's a gnarly brew of leather and spicy notes with a not-so-subtle animalic undertone. It's potent, it's smooth and it's got some serious, serious funk. One dab on my wrist - a single drop - and I was clearly smelling M a full 20 hours after application. It's too bad they didn't offer this in a splash as I'd prefer to dab my parfums but whatever. I'm imagining two sprays and they'll be smelling me two towns over.

Having tried several of Roja Dove's semi-bespoke line I've been particularly interested in his line and his creations lately. There aren't many (or any) perfumers doing what Dove is doing. I like the PPH comment. Whether it's a 'replacement' or not is totally subjective, but it's true that M is very much of a different era and represents an approach to perfume construction that was long ago abandoned my mainstream and niche perfumers. It's rich, it's dense and it's layered with both 'big' aspects and subtle facets. I wore it this morning and can't wait to get my FB....

(cont.) ... My M arrived today. I've been effuse in my praise already but why not heap on more praise? Stupendous, amazing, robust, nuanced, bold, creative and did I say fantastic? All praises apply simultaneously. I've so enjoyed my sample over the last couple weeks that I went and explored Roja Dove's line that I haven't sniffed in a long time, including several of the semi-bespokes i.e. Nos. 8, 9, and 10. Roja Dove, more then any other modern perfumer, creates in the grand, classical style more akin to Beaux or Roudnitska then his contemporaries. The more I sniff M the more it strikes me that it has an appeal to those with an appreciation for vintage perfume, and if you like M there's a good chance that you'd appreciate vintage perfume (if you don't already have such an appreciation). It's pretty rare to find modern perfumes with so many layers and with this level of boldness and quality of construction. If the modern (read: blunted) style is more your thing I can see how M might not be too appealing.

In case anyone was wondering, two sprays is more then ample for several hours of application - and I'm usually the one who can't smell my SOTD without an absurd overapplication."

19.03.2011 - Buzzlepuff, Central Oklahoma: "Thanks for talking up M by Pure Distance- it is quite simply a fantastic fragrance. It has the softness and depth of Invasion Barbare, but I am much more attracted to it because of the leather base. It has the complexity of many Amouage fragrances with incredible balance of ingredients. The intensity of just one spray reminds me of the best attars or mukhallats I've tried - M is even better. An instant classic."

14.04.2011 - Dorje123, Colorado:"It was the "bomb" when I 1st wore it, but I applied a diffuse spray to my upper chest... I used too much and it was too close to my nose. Since then I found applying a small amount to a small area works A LOT better for me...

(cont.)... I have not used another frag that is so different depending on how it is applied, and even tried it a 2nd time to be sure it wasn't in my head. I think in a diffuse spray the more volatile notes burn off much faster, it dries down much faster, and the more persistent notes of vanilla and spices (cinnamon and cumin?) dominate."

Close-up of 17.5 ml. M Perfume Spray: polished stainless steel ring with engraving

Feburary 2011 - Anonymous Review at the Lucky Scent website: "This piece of perfection cannot be described, it has to be experienced. Just may be the best that has ever been produced. I own or have sampled 700 fragrances from the past & present. Kinda pathetic now that I read it, but I found the needle in the haystack so it was worth it."

March 2011 - Anonymous Review at the Lucky Scent website: "When people say that M makes everything else obsolete, I am afraid that is very close to the truth. From the very first whiff till it fades away (up to 24 hours later), this is an experience of constant astonishment. And just as much - constant, giddy delight. Of course, I will still wear other favorites. But M inhabits that rarified air of very few others - Gobin Daude Nuit Desert and Guerlain Derby come to mind (in terms of quality, not scent). The price is initially off-putting, but the 18ml bottle is easily the equivalent of many 100ml edp's. The very tiniest little drop last all day, into the night, and into the next morning. Like I said, constant astonishment. This is the real deal."

Black Crystal Colum & Gold - made by Swarovski - an absolutely unnecessary, but stunningly beautiful accessory that can be purchased separately and has been designed to hold the 17.5 ml. spray