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This week Puredistance Perfumes were the subject of various Spanish bloggers. The way they expressed their personal experience of Puredistance was in all cases highly original and we would like to thank them for their time and creativity. If you can read Spanish, you can read their stories at the links below (and if you can't, you can browse the interesting pictures!)

Anita Patata Frita
Hendaye Style
A Café Olé
El Rincón de Anatxu

At 'El tocador de Dorothy' - one of the few blogs in Spain that writes about niche perfumes - Maia writes about Puredistance & Luxury the following (I take the liberty to translate and summarize her spanish story):

"Luxury in a bottle ...  What is luxury? In my case luxury is something that makes me feel special. Different from the rest. Unique. And a little lucky. It can be a material object I desire; a wonderful bag or beautiful ring, but also a special experience. A quiet breakfast on the balcony while streetlife is getting busier... or the enjoyment of a sunset on the wall of the Zurriola on a friday afternoon while you laugh with your friends after the events of the week ... to escape a couple of days to your corner of the world - doing nothing besides reading a good book.

And halfway between something materialistic and an experience is the 'the luxury of scent' with a unique and different fragrance inside a beautiful flacon. A smell that makes us feel our deep selves again and distinguishes us from all around us."

With this idea Maia presents the Puredistance Master Perfume collection on her blog. We like to thank her for her delicate choice of words!

P.S. We just added a new movie about ANTONIA PERFUME on our website, please check it out at our movie page!