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Tuesday, 17-01-2012
Puredistance now available in SANAHUNT - Kiev

Puredistance is now available in Kiev exclusively at SANAHUNT, the flagship of fashion in Ukraine for more than 10 years. SANAHUNT is located in the centre of Kiev and only offers the finest and most exclusive brands in the world. Kateryna Nalepa recently gave the full team of SANAHUNT a presentation of Puredistance. During this presentation Kateryna introduced the new outerpackaging of the 17.5 ml Perfume Sprays.

Puredistance Master Perfumes on display at SANAHUNT in Kiev
Sunday, 01-01-2012
Happy New Year!
Puredistance can look back at a very successful 2011. The new fragrances Puredistance ANTONIA and Puredistance M were received with open arms (and noses) by customers and perfume critics all over the world. New Puredistance dealers were found in Lausanne, Brussels, Paris, Barcelona and Kiev. And the first reactions on the December introduction of the stylish black 100 ml. flacons were very positive.

All in all - despite all negative economic news - we successfully (and beautifully) expanded without sacrificing the exclusivity of our brand. There are still only 50 stores in the whole world where people can buy Puredistance Master Perfumes.

And this year we will introduce one new Perfume (after the summer) and will try to find stores in Asia that understand our philosophy of true exclusivity and 'less is more'.

In general we hope the world will start to understand that overconsumption doesn't bring happiness on the longer term. Consuming more and more for just the sake of consuming might be good for the economy, but can be destructive to the individual. At Puredistance we selectively create new Perfumes (only one Perfume every one or two years), which we selectively sell (by only a handful of retailers) to a select audience (that truly appreciates our Perfumes and uses them carefully and joyfully). And in doing so we also try to make the whole process as human and personal as possible. As one of our customers recently put it:

My order arrived safely today. Thanks for packing it so nice. It's always a pleasure doing business with Puredistance. Your service equals the quality of your perfumes. Not too many companys offer good old fashion personal service. Thanks for being one of the few that do.
K. Beckman

'Good old fashion personal service', Mr. Beckman calls it. Exactly what we aim for. Not only in order to please our customers, but also in order to please ourselves. The small Puredistance team thoroughly enjoys GIVING this personal service since we have time and sometimes MAKE time to do so. We personally know all our direct customers and dealers and the pleasure we get from these relationships is equally important to us as the monthly sales figures.

If we wanted, we could grow our company much faster than we do now. Because people love our Perfumes, the presentation and the special care and beauty that shows through everything we do. We easily could lower our prices, start advertising (which we NEVER do ourselves) and pour money into 'Google Manipulations'. But we DON'T! Because we mean what we say if we say 'LESS IS MORE'. Puredistance will always be this special, personal company that offers hard-to-find beauty and service. To the enjoyment and enrichment of our customers, our suppliers and finally ourselves.

Happy new year!