‘It’s not a fragrance to stare at and admire the virtuosity of the perfumer but rather it’s a luxury to be worn in silence. It makes a perfect fusion with the skin. Like the fashion done by women designers in this case the fact that it has been done by a woman is not a surprise. It’s like a moment of personal luxury, a secret and intimate pleasure.’

‘In one word: good. I could leave it at that, since that is the overwhelming sensation of satisfaction I feel, shutting me and my inner cynic up for once. Simply: good. It is a high concentration (32%) pure perfume, which makes it smooth and round and longlasting. It is not at all strong or overwhelming, it is soft, fresh, light, incredibly elegant, sophisticated and timeless.  It is clean and pure and bewitching in its classy simplicity. I have gotten nothing but compliments when wearing it.’
‘Which at last brings me to the most important thing I came to know about this perfume. Puredistance 1 is exquisitely beautiful, yes—and even more so because it is a flowering mirror, intent on reflecting its light on its wearer. It is a reminder to me – the person who is so easily swayed by the dark and cunning femme fatales in my fragrance stable – that beauty without an agenda does exist, and beauty at its highest level is empathic, and full of light, and aware of more than just itself.’

‘The overall impression is that of an impeccable, classical structure, of elegant coldness and dazzling whiteness…’

Nathan branch
‘Once I sprayed the perfume on my skin, it clicked: the sleek imagery, the clinical prose, the stripped-down high-luxe aesthetic all serve to woo the unsuspecting contemporary consumer into experiencing a piece of genuine perfumery art.’ – Donna Hathaway
‘Although this fragrance is truly unique, its structure is related to the original abstract floral, Chanel No. 5, which I have never warmed to because I can’t get past the powder overdose, not being a fan of most powdery perfumes. If the Chanel smelled like this I would have been wearing it a long time ago. I don’t usually care much for ozonic scents either, but in this fragrance it’s not overdone as it almost always is in less well done compositions, when it’s supposed to smell like the ocean but usually fails miserably, ending up harsh and metallic. Not in this perfume – it’s what ties everything together, a cool, columnar scent that matches the gorgeous bottle.’

Sorcery of scent
‘If one can imagine a perfume that embraces the fundamental sum and substance of a woman – one that enchants as much as it bamboozles – and succeeds in speaking to every man and his virility, Puredistance 1 could be it.’

All I am a redhead
‘For me, Puredistance is exactly the way a woman seduces. It is a bit austere and cold at the beginning, with flowers hinting at femininity but not so much that you can be sure before she slightly smiles at you five minutes later. And still, you enjoy the company so much, the talk is gentle and intelligent, the atmosphere relatively relaxed… After a while, you can see the signs telling there is warmth underneath that smile and the woman behind that elegance is the one you will never find tiresome. That is what Puredistance I smells like to me.’