‘If I were to describe ANTONIA in terms of a feeling, it would be that of hopeful, dreamy yearning—the kind of yearning where you see only the dazzling possibilities of chasing whatever bright and wavery thing lies ahead of you, and no thought or fear of the obstacles it might take to reach it.’

All I am a redhead
‘After the initial slightly bitter feel to greenness (and brief flirting with soapiness), ANTONIA just gets better and better. I cannot stop myself smelling it, I feel like someone perfumed my favourite cashmere sweater with lush flowers so that at the same time I feel warm and enveloped in a cloud of white, velvety flowers. Elegance and style are forever and smelling like that can never be wrong.’

‘Like its predecessor, ANTONIA is entirely modern without being odd or strange; the makers were obviously aiming high and not looking for a quick hit with a trendy perfume that would soon pass out of fashion. I can see this becoming an enduring favorite in its class, and it’s classy all the way.’
‘Antonia is neither modern, nor old-fashioned. She is a timeless perfume, transporting in her feel of innocence, yet feminine and confident. She grabs you with unassuming gentleness and faithfully stays with you, tenacious, but far from overwhelming or intense.’

The non blonde
‘More than anything, Antonia is graceful and effortlessly elegant. I find it ultra-feminine, but of course that’s just me and my skin. I wear a drop and feel like I want to be worthy of this beauty and walk in its path. Sometimes I almost get there.’

Various customer comments from the Lucky Scent:
‘Wow. Antonia starts off with a rush of floral that dissipates yet lingers! It’s warmed over time with the vanilla and has mellowed into a lovely bouquet of fragrance that has been floating around me all day. I keep sniffing my arm where I dabbed the scent. Lush fragrance for spring and summer. This is a keeper – yay!’

‘If you like and remember Arielle de Fragonard, you would also like Antonia. They are not clones, but this is very reminiscent of Arielle. I had a close friend, now deceased, who wore Arielle as her signature scent for years, so my first whiff of Antonia brought an instant smile of remembrance to my face. This is lovely rather old-school perfumery, a well-blended mix of florals and spices. It is warm and comforting and very feminine.