The Fragrant Man
‘For me, as with any fume it is always more about the blend, the composition, rather than individual notes as notes behave differently when made into accords. The BLACK accords smell of highly polished leather turning into suede then into a chamois generously splashed with Laotian Oud, a dab of cresol and sprinkled with crumpled patchouli leaves. If I was to use only one word it would be beautiful… This is one of the 7 wonders of the modern perfume world.’

Perfume Nerd
‘Puredistance Black makes me believe that I live in the age of campfires and legends… Love. Adventure. One thousand and one nights. Beauty. Filled of joy with the knowledge that from time to time such a masterpiece perfume comes in my way. Puredistance Black is also one of the absolutely best fragrances I have tried in a long time. It was a true inspiration to try it, in fact so much that I felt like writing again, thank you very much, Puredistance Black.’

What Men Should Smell Like
‘Puredistance’s approach to this primordial theme is a perfume that dances in shadows. Soft and textural, it feels like perfumed velvet, wrapped around a crystal well of jet black ink.’

‘Puredistance has wisely limited its aromatic outpour to one fragrance per year (or even less frequently) choosing to differentiate itself from the many niche brands who dilute their essence in too many simultaneous launches. It has also set the bar pretty high with their stupendous masculine M fragrance and their graceful I and Opardu perfume for women, so expectations are understandably high for their newest release. Black doesn’t disappoint, especially since it fills a void in the line that we hadn’t realized was there. It’s different enough from the leathery and attention-grabbing M fragrance with its elegant 1960s character, and projects as something darker, untamed by the ways of the civilized world… The company doesn’t give away any of those raw materials. I absolutely love this; it will make reading and hearing impressions by those who will subsequently test Puredistance Black a real treat, as the mind often interferes with what the nose perceives.

Chemist in the Bottle
‘The longer I have BLACK on my skin the more I like it! Few minutes after the mark of 1st hour some smoky layers are revealed. First there’s a pale incense note. Could be a silver incense. But just a quarter later the composition gets smokier with frankincense I suppose. What I smell now is rather spiritual, meditative and churchy. There’s an in-depth harmony to the scent. The spicy notes that appeared earlier are still around, seamlessly blended into unity…  It’s character is elegant, sophisticated and stylish. Puredistance presented the best of good taste with BLACK. Elegant perfumes are important part of my life. I like the story they tell, or a story I can make while smelling them. Puredistance BLACK is no exception. It just feels like this perfume was made especially for me. It’s charming, mysterious and romantic. And that amazing lasting power of almost 16 hours! There are not many brands who create perfume this way.’

Sorcery of Scent
‘I would love to describe the scent to you, but that would be telling. Let me just say it’s good. Really, really good. I urge you to experience it for yourself.’

The Luxury Activist
‘The first seconds are truly breath-taking… The fragrance really wraps warmly your skin and procures a soft yet sophisticated aura…  Elegancy is provided with amazing facetted notes.’