REVIEWS OF Full Collection


The Silver Fox
“If you can find the Puredistance perfumes, sample them and see what you think, you will find an intensely luxurious, elegantly focused line, made by Jan and his fiercely dedicated team in collaboration with an intriguing and carefully commissioned family of perfumers. For now I will indulge in this beautifully arranged perfume (Puredistance SHEIDUNA) as it conjures up such a sensual and contradictory array of emotions and olfactive images. A plush and luxurious oriental that invokes an eerie, shadow-washed vignette of December’s divisive, garish and obsessively observed feast day…”

Le Parfum du Jour
“This independent perfume house from the Netherlands creates remarkable and exquisite fragrances. I think that any of these luxurious perfumes can be a special gift for your loved one…”
“I loved all of the creations by Puredistance, because I found that each one is exceptional, and wears beautifully.”