What men should smell like
‘The first time I smelled M by Puredistance, it stood out as something unique and I was immediately a fan. Whether it is the intensity with which this extrait de parfum vibrates on skin, the skill in which the fragrance is constructed, or the beautiful way M captures elements of the past whilst still presenting an olfactory idea that is so relevant for today, it is one of my favourite perfumes in this genre of dry woods… It is a perfume with a big personality so I enjoy it on days where I am feeling confident or I want to make an impression. Although many men prefer to wear lighter scents in summer, I enjoy wearing M in both warm and cold climates. In cold weather it feels like a shot of whiskey, which warms the soul, and in summer, I imagine men in white linen smoking cigars on a Havana bar… If I had to pack a time capsule of fragrances to be discovered by perfume fans a century from now, I would include a bottle of M.’

‘Hot, comfortable and luxurious, it represents a fragrant illustration of a mature man – of a temperamental oriental one! Its development reminds me of warm and cozy wooden huts heated by fireplaces; the smell of burning wood, hot spices and expensive cognacs perfectly interweaved.’
‘M on me is a spicy, warm oriental with the tiniest, softest hint of leather that doesn’t bother me in the least unlike the way leather normally does. M is sumptuous and complex, but at the same time elegant and refined. There is no single overwhelming element in M, it is noble and sophisticated.’

Various customer comments from the Lucky Scent:
‘This piece of perfection cannot be described, it has to be experienced. Just may be the best that has ever been produced. I own or have sampled 700 fragrances from the past & present. Kinda pathetic now that I read it, but I found the needle in the haystack so it was worth it.’

‘Not too many fragraces can garner as much praise as this one has done in its relatively short time on the market… Puredistance M just reeks of quality and is a master class in how to execute a scent design concept perfectly. I initially thought “vintage” and “old refinement ” after first trying it. Then all the fragrance layers just kept unfolding for hours on my skin. Nothing short of addictive that will bring a smile to your face and make you feel splendid. Now, everything else in my collection seems to pale next to this great one.’

‘I really wanted to dislike this: the price, the pretension, the oh-so-precious packaging. But it’s great. Lemon, heavy spices, and a truly luxurious leather. Doesn’t sound like it would work but man does it. Of the dozens of things I own, this is the one that puts a smile on my girlfriend’s face every time. Apply sparingly — it’s quite strong.’

‘When people say that M makes everything else obsolete, I am afraid that is very close to the truth. From the very first whiff till it fades away (up to 24 hours later), this is an experience of constant astonishment. The price is initially off-putting, but the 18ml bottle is easily the equivalent of many 100ml edp’s. The very tiniest little drop last all day, into the night, and into the next morning. Like I said, constant astonishment. This is the real deal.’

‘It is hard to believe a fragrance this deep and full has this few notes. You smell every one as it unfolds. One spray is as intense and rich as the finest attar I have ever smelled. The leather in the base adds even more depth to an already rich and robust blend of oils. Is this an incense scent or a leather masculine? I am not sure, but it is utterly fantastic. Roya Dove has created a masterpiece with this one.’