Puredistance is a house very dear to my heart. Puredistance I, Antonia and M are all in my collection, I admire the style of this house and the way its founder Jan Ewoud Vos implements his philosophy and taste to build a brand that stands for luxury and quality, quite contrary to today’s trends. Opardu is the fourth perfume created for the line, the third by Annie Buzantian. The name Opardu is a neologism created by Jan Ewoud Vos, who told me with a twinkle in his eye, that it was his gift to the French who have been needing that word for a long time. Smelling Opardu, it perfectly fits that twilighted landscape of the soul hovering between tears and a smile, the name has evoked in me. Bitter-sweet memories, unfulfilled dreams, missed chances and rueful glances backwards find their olfactory equivalent in rain-drenched lilac, sweet violet and powdery heliotrope. A whiff of my mothers soap makes the trip down a shadowy memory lane perfect. Opardu is a quiet and reflective perfume, it is retro in feel and it clearly harks back to a different era. Upperclass women in Fin de Siècle Vienna might have smelled like Opardu. Opardu fits perfectly in the Puredistance canon, because it is elegant and refined, and makes me feel classy and sophisticated. Class is what Puredistance is all about, and Opardu without a doubt, has class.’

‘It has an amazing amount of sophistication and a vintage vibe while still feeling relevant for the present day. Opardu starts out with a full set of impressive and prominent top notes. Tuberose, rose, gardenia, and lilac are the initial group… The lilac here smells alive and opulent and it mesmerized me with its surprising nuance. I think this is because Ms. Buzantian chose these other strong floral notes to set it off and allow the lilac in Opardu an unusual trajectory throughout the development. The lilac persists into the heart where now it harmonizes particularly wonderfully with the jasmine and carnation. The clovelike quality of the carnation brings out some of the sharper edges of lilac, the jasmine enhances the powdery quality but without that character taking over. By the end heliotrope adds its aquatic floral character and a tiny bit of cedarwood grounds this floral fantasia. Opardu has outstanding longevity and average sillage which you would expect from something which is 32% perfume oil… Opardu is something quite special.’

Parfumistans blogg
‘Already from the start I perceive the same level of elegance as is present in Antonia, but Antonia is more of a pronounced daytime elegance where Opardu is the contrasting, mysterious and graceful night bird. Opardu is an example of a wellcrafted, quality fragrance that unfold it’s secrets in different very well blended layers, just as a budding flower. It’s a relaxing fragrance that gives a calming almost sad/bittersweet pleasure during the whole drydown.’

The Non-Blonde
Perfumer Annie Buzantian of Puredistance has already proven herself as the Queen of Pretty. Her first creation for the line, Puredistance I, was a classic French little thing around a jasminemuguet- rose theme. Antonia won me over with its beautiful greenery, and now we have Opardu, a musky floral to end them all. And not only that, the floral part is lilac-centric. I can count on one hand with fingers to spare the really good and expensive smelling lilac fragrances (and I can’t wear most of them). So, yes, smelling and testing Opardu has been somewhat of a revelation… Lilac perfumes, including Patou’s, tend to be a bit melancholy. However, Opardu is brighter and and sunnier. It’s a fragrance that keeps a stiff upper lip and a straight back no matter what. The floral notes even give an impression that’s more pink than pale purple, making it easy to wear and welcoming. There’s no hint of sweetness and only a smidgen of powder from the heliotrope. Opardu doesn’t try too hard to please– it’s confident enough in its beauty to know that it already does.’

The green floral note of lilac is prominent from the first drops of fragrance… During development, misty outlines gently soothe and turn into very soft and powdery shades that are designed like a precious fabric that covers the skin in the smoothest way… When I smell my forearms trying to feel and experience the scent, Opardu really leaves an impression that I carry the most precious piece of jewelry, unique and complex, comprehensive and complete. Regardless of their different compositions Puredistance 1, Antonia and Opardu have a shared line, which connects and binds them. No matter that all three perfumes are work of the same fragrance perfumer Annie Buzantian – Master Perfumer from NY, the fragrances reflect the house’s yearning for better times, carefree times, and beauty in general. Love for woman and her beauty is omnipresent.’ 

Adelinas World
‘The woman smiles looking at the flowers and she almost feels their fresh, crisp smell that brings her so much happiness. She again immerses the brush in color and among the lilac flowers, she starts to paint a sweet heliotrope flower. This time, the colors are more vivid , you can get lost in their depth. If you close your eyes, you can feel their warm and powdery aroma. Yes! This is definitely how memories smell – a blend of space and time, over which the fine veil of melancholy sat quietly, protective.’

The Plum Girl
‘At first , as I sprayed it gently on, all I could think of is purple lilacs, lilacs everywhere. Me as a kid, lying on grass underneath a big lilac tree in my grandmothers’ backyard – before she calls me to have lunch, imagining that one day I would have a bed of purple lilacs made just for me.’