A Bottled Rose
‘Puredistance put the class back into luxury perfumery. It seems these days that a number of brands in this exclusive niche are focusing on the blinged-out packaging, with the fragrant contents coming as something of an afterthought. Puredistance have elegant, covetable packaging but more importantly, meticulously composed, high quality scents.’
Corinna Lammert from Germany
‘Dear Puredistance team, I was fascinated by your company and your products as of the first moment. I liked the appearance of the homepage, the philosophy and the description of the fragrances. And I liked the concentration on the fragrance itself. No side products, just the scents. Wonderful….Again, let me express my deepest gratitude for creating an exquisite scent that is too beautiful to be expressed by words and that has become such a precious companion to me in such a short time. Thank you.’
Olfactoria from Vienna, Austria (Perfume Blogger)
‘Puredistance is a house very dear to my heart. Puredistance I, Antonia and M are all in my collection, I admire the style of this house and the way its founder Jan Ewoud Vos implements his philosophy and taste to build a brand that stands for luxury and quality, quite contrary to today’s trends.’
FLACONNEUR – PER FUMUS (Perfume Blogger)
“I’m continually amazed by the absolute perfection that Puredistance exhibits with regard to the thoughtfulness of each and every one of their perfumes. High concentration of natural material in unforgettable combinations, simply said, encourage their product to not only be interesting but long lasting and unforgettable.”
Simone from Brazil
 ‘And this is why I simply love this brand! Not only the fragrances are beautifully composed, but because the concept of Elegance and Luxury starts with brand owner Jan Ewoud Vos and it is perpetrated by his team! Puredistance is lovely!’
Adelina Tomescu from Romania (Perfume Blogger)
‘Today I want to tell you more about the house of Puredistance, one of my favourite perfume houses. I think that a perfume is not just a blend of notes made to make you feel better. It is so much more. As I often say, when a perfumer creates something new, he blends a piece of his soul, his true identity in the composition. Yes, perfumes are liquid memories, liquid emotions made for us to love and treasure. That is why I admire houses like Puredistance, who launch something new every couple of years, not 20 perfumes a year like other Perfume Houses. You can feel the joy and the passion in every detail.’
Rachel from Canada
‘I received my package, a high-end luxury. Plus I feel pretty darn good and different. Thank you to all the team behind this work of art.
Jane Daly from Canada (Perfume Blogger)
‘Puredistance is a luxury perfume house based in the Netherlands, and they use perfumers/noses from all over the world. They are uber exclusive, and, being only parfum or extrait concentration, the entire experience with Puredistance is about luxury.’
Sashiko from Japan
“When I opened the box, I was so touched by such beautifully packed perfumes and bottle accessories, as well as magazines. All of them are utterly sophisticated, beyond my expectation. I am surprised at the texture and shape of 17.5ml bottles, they fit really comfortably in my hand. Fine mister spreads well balanced mist very skillfully, exactly for pure perfume, not for EDP or EDT. I have no words to say thank you to add another bottle of Opardu for me – I will treasure it for sure as well as I and M.”
The Candy Perfume Boy from the United Kingdom (Perfume Blogger)
‘Puredistance is an ultra-luxe and ultra-exclusive niche brand based in the Netherlands. The brainchild of Jan Ewoud Vos, Puredistance is a brand that offers exclusivity without snobbery or pretence, their perfumes are designed to be “elegant, sophisticated, timeless”