Stelios from Cyprus
‘Hello Mary, Just to let you know that I have received the package. The giftbox and overall presentation is just lovely! I find it quite elegant and luxurious, just like the fragrance itself! I was impressed with how attentive and helpful you guys were from the beginning and now this. Words are not enough to express my appreciation. I just hope I will love the samples equally the same and be able to repay your kindness with another purchase. Thank you very very much.’

Katarzyna Biala from Denmark
‘Dear Mary, many thanks for your lovely message and the assistance with the order – i feel it reflects perfectly the spirit of the brand… I have literally smelled hundreds of scents by now but discovering Puredistance has been a real ‘coup de foudre’ for me, so while repeating my best wishes to you and the team, i’d also be grateful if you could kindly pass my words of sincere thanks to Mr Jan Ewoud Vos for creating – and maintaining – the Puredistance concept.’

Runa Kodera from Japan
‘Dear Mary, I have received 60ml WHITE with a beautiful boxed samples. Thank you for your lovely words that remind me respectable Dutch spirit told by my husband who lived in Amsterdam many years. He often tells me that Dutch people are frank and not show off , but when they find someone in trouble, they offer much generosity. Now I begin to explore your other scents. Sincerely yours.’

K. Beckman – Nevada, USA
I received your generous gift of the first 60ml flacon of M. Your correspondence brought tears to my eyes. I was simply speechless. That’s saying a lot since you already know I have something to say about everything…  It’s a rarity that  company takes the time and effort to do what you did for me. That’s why Puredistance is “pure class” in and out of the bottle. It’s really nice, in a world of texting, Twitter, and Facebook, that The Puredistance Team can compose a letter “old School,” address, stamp and mail. I thank you for that, since I’ll be 62 this year, and appreciate a nice written letter.’

Maja – Warsaw, Poland
‘Hello Nele, I have just received the packed and Im very touched by your kindness and being so nice! So thank you so much for the card your nice words  and this extra present . I really appreciate this so much. I am sure that I will stay with Puredistance for a long time. I must tell you; amazing fragrances ! And perfect “customer service” because of you Nele! I think I will write a music about those perfumes and I will send you to listen to one day. Have a beautiful holidays and thank you again.’

Mariana Pavel from the United Kingdom
‘Hi Mary, I received the parcel three days ago and everything was exactly as expected: scrumptious wrap, elegant handwriting note and the most gorgeous perfumes to gift for Christmas. I found out about Puredistance when i received a bottle of Opardu a couple of years ago. Last month I had a tea at Fortnum and Mason in London and I had the opportunity to try White that I very much enjoyed. I really appreciate what you’re doing and the way you present your products. Thank you!’

Nataliia Lemets from Canada
‘I’m happy! I’ve just received my bottle of paradise:). Everything is perfect : packing, gift box and especially the perfume. I believe that other perfumes are also so good, so I’ll try them all and make my next order soon. Thank you so much your creative work.’