The Scented Hound
“Welcome to the bazaar…Sheiduna’s opening is full of light and glistening peppery citrus and fruits that feel as if they were dried on top of a warm, sun-kissed sand.  The perfume is dry, but it has an undertone of a rounded vetiver that sails along the top of an ambered plane tinged with the most beautiful incense.”
“As it happens from time to time, when I really like a perfume it can easily create a vision in my head; sometimes something more. It happened when I kept wearing Sheiduna. I could envision a deep sea of sand and a sun, shiny and bright like a ruby, that is about to bid farewell as the day comes to an end. And blowing wind that rouses the sand, causing the waves of dunes to slowly rearrange.”
“The first spritz of Sheiduna was a complete surprise, absolutely brimming with sunshine. This distinctive burst was not your common bergamot variety. It was sharp, intensely sweet and exuberant. Traditionally, an opening of this sort is short lived. This was not the case with Sheiduna. The sublime brightness lingers and then slowly mellows, but never completely subsides.”
“This mesmerizing oriental fragrance instantly made me think of a caravan lead by a nomad in the desert. He is heading home to his beautiful young wife. The shapes of the dunes in the sunset remind him of her as he approaches the destination. When he arrives, the dark sky has a million stars. They drink tea in silence as he admires her beauty, and she shyly hides away from his gaze.”
“There’s an underlying patchouli aroma that gives it character, a hint of spice to make it jump off the skin. And by the one hour mark, SHEIDUNA reaches its resting place in the dry down. It will shift no longer, content in its final form of mellow prettiness. This is, much like WHITE before it, a wonderful perfume for a special woman. I can’t wait to pull it out more frequently around the holiday season.”
 “I must tip my hat to Mr. Vos and Mme Zarokian for taking this path for I found uncommon beauty within this arid Oriental.”
Puredistance SHEIDUNA featured in Colognoisseur’s Best fragrances of 2016: “I appreciate brands which are willing to change a well-known architecture. Creative director Jan Ewoud Vos and perfumer Cecile Zarokian take the traditional Oriental and dry it out with abandon. Never has the Orient seemed so modern.”
“Sheiduna is a multi-faceted fragrance. Being both perfume extrait and an oriental, these rich and complex facets come alive on the skin with all of their majesty in tact.”
“As soon as Sheiduna hit my skin, it fractured into a kaleidoscopic assemblage of effects with textured and refined impact; I could feel the quality of materials and chromatics of olfaction, the low key way the notes and chords had been combined to produce a scent of emotive suggestion.”
“Occasionally a perfume comes along that makes me see colors when the first notes hit. Such is the case with Sheiduna, the first oriental fragrance from Puredistance. When I close my eyes, I smell fire opal: a kaleidoscope of warm greens, gold and red orange.”
“A golden glow of mandarin, lemon, blackcurrant and aldehydes portrays the moment when the sun embraces the horizon. As sand lifted by wind, a whirl of warm spicy notes unveils the purple rose in the heart of the fragrance.”
“To me, Sheiduna follows the life cycle of a woman. The powerful blast of ripe, juicy tangerines that I have smelled in the first half an hour made me think of childhood, the stage in wich a girl enjoys the simple things, as she forges her path through life.” 
“When I first wore Sheiduna I imagined a woman in a negligee sitting in her room, maybe about to make some mischief. The alluring Elizabeth Taylor in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof along with the handsome Paul Newman immediately came to mind in that languid Southern heat.  There’s a defiant, pillowy, plumped up feel to Sheiduna that feels all high gloss yet comforting at the same time. We’re talking a bit of old school glamour here, it’s sensual but not in an obvious way.”
Perfumowy Blog
“SHEIDUNA , however, is in its nature a more balanced, harmonious and subtle. Less experimental and more classic. Goes on the skin very slowly, becoming a long-term scent of near-skin, where traces of rose are attached to the skin.”
Suzanne’s Perfume Journal
“Altogether, this is the scent of sophistication. That difficult-to-describe essence that goes beyond natural beauty is what I recognize when I see a Jessica Chastain film, and it’s what I find in Sheiduna.”
“You’ve got to meet her in silence. She might seem orientally mystic but cold and distant, yet you can sense there is so much more under that self contained first impression. When I took the second breath images and scents swirled around my head, extracting bits and pieces connected to my olfactory memories…desert!”
“All in all, it’s a flawless fragrance, unisex, modest yet opulent with strong rave on skin.”
Bonkers about Perfume
“SHEIDUNA is opulent and elegant and mysterious and completely its own thing. If you are happy to wait a little while, SHEIDUNA soon gets into more classical ‘desert oriental’ territory. I LOVE the drydown in particular, when the scent becomes a fuzzy caressing tingle of ambery incense.”
“The scent is a complex amalgam that at once beguiles and intrigues with its spicy oriental melody which recalls the splendor of orientals proper of a bygone era. At the same time it’s very Middle-Eastern in feel, seen through the porthole of sophisticated French perfumery. Despite the Dutch origins of the Puredistance brand, their sophistication is like a magpie, collecting the most ecclectic elements of a cosmopolitan aesthetic.”
Parfumistans blogg
“Sheiduna starts with a burst of a peppery note, maybe it’s the clove/incense. Soon this fizzy intro steps back and a beautiful sort of deep, lush citric accord appears grounded in a light rosy touch. The tangerinenote appears very realistic, the best interpreation of tangerine I have smelled so far.”