The Scented Hound
“Warszawa unfolds like a day’s journey; the perfume starts bright and sweet like the dawn of a new day.  As the day wears on, the spice of the florals add life and energy and then finally, the perfume provides a finishing crescendo as if entering the grand ball at the end of the evening.  This is where the perfume settles into its final incarnation; a beauty that is unique as the noble city that bears its name.”

“WARSZAWA is not a note list. It’s a grand composition, symphonic, multi-faceted. You can’t smell a dominant feature ingredient, simply a gargantuan perfume. It’s overwhelming, aspirational and bloody gorgeous!”

“While my favorite perfume in their collection remains the green-floral scent Antonia (its herbal beauty reminds me of the original, ’70s version of Herbal Essences shampoo, and that is no trite comparison), the company’s latest offering, WARSZAWA (pronounced var-SHAV-uh) is another dazzling green-floral that is likely to win over many a jaded heart in the perfume community.”

Megan in Sainte Maxime 
“The perfume is unabashedly floral with violet candy tones in the opening, coating the grapefruit and provides a suggestion that something wonderful is going to emerge cocoon like from its folds. The sweetness tones down and a really lovely floralcy emerges. Jasmine in particular but it’s very well blended with a cloud like texture that makes you wonder if you really are smelling what is listed in the notes.”

“WARSZAWA is an éblouissant floral chypre, every bit as floral as a chypre can be. There are no timid blossoms amidst lusty feral jasmine and ebullient broom. In folktales, the broom-flower is used to cast a narcotic sleeping spell; it is among my favorite absolutes. Broom has a rich scent profile – honeyed, herbal/floral/fruity, the stuff of dreams. Orris concrete’s waxy silvery irones impart a woody violet hue, bestowing yet another layer of floralcy and contributing to its charmeuse-like texture.”

Perfume Posse
“Puredistance Warszawa is supposedly an homage to the smells of Warsaw, Poland. I’ve never been there, but if it smells like this I may relocate. Puredistance Warszawa is almost unbelievably lush, heavy with white flowers, galbanum and violet. It’s very long lasting and very, very feminine. It’s the sort of thing you would wear to a formal ball.”

The Black Narcissus
“Elegant, full, wistful and yet refulgent, it is a velveteen, interior perfume reminiscent of Robert Piguet’s Fracas from 1948 in heft and emotional texture, while substituting the tuberose for a long lasting jasmine and styrax musk accord that smells simultaneously rich and strangely haunting; the patchouli, and vetiver, orris-touched base weighting the more flirtatious violet and galbanum top like a floor touching green velvet evening dress; nostalgic, perhaps, but not old-fashioned, reminiscent indeed of the high aristocratic society the perfume is intending to evoke, old money that has lost its crown but not its traditions, celebrated at champagne soaked events held behind closed doors, unconnected – quite deliberately – to the twenty first century that lies beyond.”

Luxury Activist
“Puredistance remains true to its olfactory universe by going even further into the direction of traditional chypre. After a couple of hours, it is a true delight to almost rediscover a true Orris butter on skin. Such a luxury nowadays.”

“The opening is a silk glove being drawn along a sinuous arm as candied violet and grapefruit provide a smooth opening. A big green emerald flare of galbanum transforms it into something more extroverted. The floral heart accord is made up of a deep jasmine absolute paired with a rich orris butter. Just those two notes would have been spectacular, but M. Lie adds in the broom flower which provides its own twists and turns as it swirls through the more extravagant florals.”

A Bottled Rose
“It’s a full-bodied, kaleidoscopic fragrance that doesn’t have clear demarcations of individual accords or a top/heart/base. Puredistance fragrances tend to be supremely well blended and this is no exception.”

Parfumistans Blogg
“Warszawa is a fragrance with many layers and interesting twists. Later in the dry down an almost balsamic texture appears, wrapping the wearer in a gentle and mysterious skinscent.”

Bonkers about Perfume
“So have Puredistance delivered their brief of ‘a dreamy world of old-time chic? Absolutely they have. WARSZAWA is dreamy in the same way that Opardu is, without having the extra dimension of muskiness in that scent. In its unashamed, blowsy femininity, WARSZAWA seems the anthithesis of perfumes made today – or since the 80s, perhaps.”

The Plum Girl
“Wear it to seduce yourself, to feel good in your skin. With a hint of Slavic melancholy in your eyes…”