“Memories from the past flooded through me, and with the memories came the intense feelings of happiness. I was seeing other places and times, and above all, smiles. I was happy, we were so happy, and my heart ached… I opened my eyes with tears rolling down on my cheeks. WHITE had opened a floodgate of emotions that have been waiting to be released.”
The Scented Hound
“WHITE is everything that perfume should be ….. Words escape me …. WHITE is perfumery at its best and is easily my favorite from the Puredistance line. That’s quite the statement because all of their perfumes are incredible in their own right. My suggestion: If you want to live the perfume dream, WHITE is the perfect place to start. C’est magnifique!”
Chemist in the Bottle
“The longer your wear Puredistance White the more attention it seems to get because I’m smelling my wrist more often right now ….. the sandalwood essence that was used in this Master Perfume is simply divine. It does feel woody but at the same time the surface of the wood is so shiny, smooth and polished that it possibly could’ve been mistaken for silk fabrics …. so addictive. Puredistance team wanted to create a fragrance that will make everyone feel instant happiness upon sniffing this new perfume. In my opinion… they nailed it!”
“I am pretty sure you will not find any other perfume of this quality and with that ingredients anywhere else in the world. If that will be so and if the consumers realize that they can have the ultimate perfume production, I predict that White could become Puredistance’s bestseller of the existing six”

Fragrantica by Serguey Borisov
“Puredistance White is one of the most comforting feminine fragrances, warm and embracing …. It’s a surprisingly pleasant smell without edges …. my wife is very fond of it, and in my family we immediately began to recognize the smell. You know, I even conducted an experiment involving my one-year-old daughter out of curiosity (even better that she does not talk yet). I held her in my arms and brought perfumed spots on my hands to her nose for short periods of time (just to breathe). Would there be some reaction? Out of the four floral-powdery basenotes my daughter smiled only once, and it was—you guessed it—at Puredistance White!”

Parfumistans Blogg
“The process to create WHITE took over one year and probably this is a big part of the success, Puredistance never stresses new perfumes into the market, the creators take the time needed. Therefore the Puredistance line is one of the most solid lines in the market, there are no misses (so far) just solid, sophisticated, very high quality perfumes and I’m very fond of them all …. WHITE is a sophisticated fragrance, surprisingly easy to wear taken its elegance and the expensive, high quality ingredients in to account. It would the perfect perfume for the bride of the coming Swedish royal wedding in June … It’s as timeless and versatile as for example Chanel No 22. The longevity is very good, 12h+ and one or two spritzes is enough …. WHITE is so well crafted that it makes me considering selling off my less well crafted florals.

Perfume-Smellin’ Things
The sixth release from Puredistance follows the well received Black which was also authored by Antoine Lie, and White could not be more aptly named; it is very bright, dazzling even, the perfume equivalent of looking into the sun….. my own immediate response to smelling it was a delighted smile. … The final result is a floral perfume of impressive lasting power; after all, it a concentrated extrait formulation. It touches on some of the stylistic themes of earlier Puredistance fragrances while remaining distinctive in its own right; it is as abstract as Puredistance I if not even more so; a soft rustle of leafy green recalls Antonia; and its structure is as infallible as Opardu. Puredistance does not launch a new fragrance until it has been perfected, and White is a stellar addition to the line.”

Various customer comments from the Lucky Scent:
‘Beautiful scent…. It’s feminine, soft, with a touch of sweetness. My children tell me I smell clean when I wear it. I particularly like the scent for day… I usually add an extra spritz to amp it up for night. There has not been a day I wore it with out someone commenting on it. Twice, when shopping, someone has followed me to another aisle to ask what I was wearing. It’s sillage is incredible.

‘Pure luxury, sheer elegance. Virtue, purity. A symphony of scent accords. Impossible to dislike it. It is a real mastery. In fact I feel I do not have words to describe it, because this was created in Heaven.’

Jacqueline – U.S.A
“White took me totally by surprise.  It is subdued but not when I initially applied it.  I took a mild bath in it, I believe:).  This morning, I applied it again with a more subtle hand and AGAIN I find myself fascinated by this fragrance as with all of the other Puredistance fragrances!  It is totally unique but nonetheless quite refined!”
Monique – The Netherlands
“You really made my day!! I have been in my bed since Monday with a big fever feeling awful and not even thinking about wearing fragrance… So today when I got the sample of white I was not sure to put it on but did it anyway! Oh my god… It made me feel so much better, it smells really amazing it was love at first sniff… And that is quite amazing knowing I was not in the Mood for fragrance the last few days!”