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Puredistance is a cosmopolitan company with its main office
in the Netherlands; a creative place home to modern Dutch Design
with refined Art Deco influences. The Puredistance Perfumes are
created in London and New York by well-known Master Perfumers.

From our main office we service more than 20 countries and try
to keep the contact with our customers direct and personal. In
the end it is our goal and joy to give all customers a memorable
and positive experience.

Puredistance Main Office & Design Centre

Kruitgracht 7
9711 VL Groningen
the Netherlands
tel. +31 (0)50 313 10 26 email info@puredistance.com

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Puredistance Team

The enthusiastic and professional
Puredistance Team is fundamental for
the beautiful presentation of the
Master Perfume Collection.

While the Perfume itself is made by
Master Perfumers in London and
New York, the Puredistance Perfume
Sprays are assembled by hand in our
main office in the Netherlands from
various high quality components.

In the end a company is as good
as the people who work for it.
Fortunately Puredistance is blessed
with a very positive and enthusiastic
team that enjoys trying to be the best.