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December 2016


Japanese perfume blogger Sachi at Lianne Tio in Rotterdam, the only perfumery in the Netherlands who is authorised to sell the Puredistance brand
Japanese perfume blogger Sachi at Lianne Tio in Rotterdam, the only perfumery in the Netherlands who is authorised to sell the Puredistance brand

Every now and then people from far away countries visit the Puredistance church (our headquarters) in the north of the Netherlands. Last September we welcomed Sachi, one of the few perfume bloggers in Japan. (Her blog is La Parfumerie Tanu) It was her dream to meet the Puredistance team and she travelled all the way from Tokyo to Groningen to see us.

Japanese perfume blogger Satchi visiting the Puredistance headquarters in Groningen
Japanese perfume blogger Sachi visiting the Puredistance headquarters in Groningen

<span style="color: #808080;">If we can we always host our guests in a charming hotel nearby in the special 'Puredistance Suite', with a stylish gold and white interior</span>
If we can, we host our guests in a charming hotel nearby in the special ‘Puredistance Suite’, with a stylish gold and white interior

We had arranged the Puredistance suite for her (in the appropriate Puredistance white and gold colour scheme) and after showing her the way we work, we enjoyed a great dinner together. When we think of Sachi we can still feel her positive and warm spirit. People like Sachi are ALWAYS welcome!

Mary Gooding from Puredistance showing Japanese perfume blogger Satchi the beautiful town of Groningen
Mary Gooding from Puredistance showing Japanese perfume blogger Sachi the beautiful town of Groningen

Early in the morning Satchi has to leave us and even the cat felt sad.... (picture taken by Satchi herself)
Early in the morning Sachi left Groningen and this is one of her last memories  (picture taken by Sachi herself)

We really hope to see Sachi again, if not in Groningen then maybe in Tokio!

October 2016


tamara vos presenting the new sheiduna perfume in kunming in china
Tamara Vos presenting the new SHEIDUNA perfume in Kunming in China

Saturday October 15th. Jan Ewoud Vos and his daughter Tamara, along with the team of the 13th. Note and Ma Studio, presented the new SHEIDUNA fragrance to a group of Puredistance customers and Perfume lovers in Kunming, in China.

puredistance perfume event in kunming in china launching sheiduna
The people from the 13th. Note and Ma Studio relaxing, ready with the preparation of the event

jan ewoud vos presenting the new sheiduna perfume in kunming in china
Relaxing before the event starts

Puredistance is sold in more than 30 countries and we take great pleasure and pride in noticing how people all over the world appreciate the unique qualities of our Perfumes and our brand.

puredistance perfume event in kunming in china launching sheiduna
The first Perfume lovers come in to attend the event

puredistance customers attending a perfume event in kunming in china
All guests are seriously interested

Trying out the Puredistance Perfume collection that now, with the launch of SHEIDUNA, includes 7 Master Perfumes
Trying out the Puredistance Perfume collection that now, with the launch of SHEIDUNA, includes 7 Master Perfumes

jan ewoud vos presenting sheiduna in kunming in china
Jan Ewoud Vos explains why Puredistance is a TRULY exclusive brand

jan ewoud vos and tamara vos: father and daughter
Proud father and daughter

organisers puredistance perfume event in kunming in china
After the event: the organisers and their support team are happy and satisfied

October 2016


Giovanni and Lia from the Perfumery Sacro Cuoro in Bologna
Giovanni and Lia from the Perfumery Sacro Cuoro in Bologna

Two days before Pitti Fragranze in Florence started, we pre-launched SHEIDUNA in Profumeria Al Sacro Cuore Profumeria in Bologna. For many years Giovanni and Lia run one of the most respected and selective perfumeries in Italy. Also for many years they love the Puredistance brand and we certainly love them too!

At Puredistance we believe in true exclusivity and consequently only sell to a very select choice of perfumeries. We consider this exclusivity a blessing, not only for the customer, but also for ourselves since it allows us to sell in the right stores and really connect to warmhearted people like Giovanni, Lia and their team.

Artistic shop window at Sacro Cuore Perfumery for Puredistance Sheiduna
Artistic shop window at Sacro Cuore Perfumery for Puredistance SHEIDUNA

In their own original and creative way the Sacro Cuore team created a wonderful, intimate shop window that beautifully shows the character of the new Puredistance SHEIDUNA. Many of their customers tried out and loved SHEIDUNA and one lady hit the nail on the head when she exclaimed: “Molto raffinato!”. 

Giovanni - original as ever - from the Perfumery Sacro Cuoro in Florence
Giovanni – original as ever
October 2016


New Puredistance display at the Haute Parfumerie Dora Theophilou in Cyprus
New Puredistance display at the Haute Parfumerie Dora Theophilou in Cyprus

This summer we visited Dora and Theophilos Theophilou in Cyprus. For years their family has been running the three most exclusive perfumeries on the island. The relationship between Puredistance and the Dora Theophilou Haute Parfumerie always has been a special one, which shows in the beautiful presentation of our brand and all happy smiles.

Meeting the lively Sophia Paraskeva, the marketing manager of the Limassol Marina
Meeting the lively Sophia Paraskeva, the marketing manager of the Limassol Marina

Puredistance founder Jan Ewoud Vos holding a 17.5 ml giftbox with ANTONIA Perfume
Puredistance founder Jan Ewoud Vos holding a 17.5 ml giftbox with Puredistance ANTONIA Perfume

Puredistance elegantly displayed in Nicosia in Cyprus
Puredistance elegantly displayed in Dora Theophilou’s store in Nicosia

Customer in Cyprus who purchased Puredistance BLACK Perfume
Customer in Cyprus who purchased Puredistance BLACK

July 2016


Puredistance SHEIDUNA Perfume visual

In 2015, September 15, Jan Ewoud Vos and Cécile Zarokian met for the first time in Paris to discuss a possible new fragrance for Puredistance. Perfumer Cécile Zarokian is an independent perfumer in Paris who has the luxury of working in her own laboratory. Her creations are beautifully composed from the finest raw materials, and from the first conversation on, Mr. Vos felt they shared the same passion for authenticity and excellence.

Mr. Vos had prepared a first brief based around the name SHEIDUNA. A name composed of various, suggestive elements: ‘She’, ‘Sheika’ and ‘Dune’, while having the same cadence as the word ‘Seduction. Mr. Vos felt the name would perfectly reflect the sensual oriental Perfume he had in mind. At the end of the meeting Cécile took the challenge.

In the following weeks Mr. Vos would every week send a postcard to Cécile with visuals and text to brief the fine essence of SHEIDUNA.

Notes on SHEIDUNA taken by Cécile Zarokian during her first meeting with Mr. Vos in Paris
Notes on SHEIDUNA by Cécile Zarokian during her first meeting with Mr. Vos in Paris

In 2016, January 30, the Puredistance Team received a first creation SHEIDUNA version A. The feedback was unanimously: too heavy and too oriental. We kindly asked Cécile to start all over again instead of reworking version A.

The Puredistance Team receives the first version of SHEIDUNA
The Puredistance Team receives the first version of SHEIDUNA

Thursday, February 25, Mr. Vos and Cécile met in her laboratory at Rue de Vinaigres in the centre of Paris to smell SHEIDUNA version B. Bingo! Mr. Vos immediately could feel the soul of SHEIDUNA in this version. Key in his concept was the idea to bridge the sensuality from the Orient with the elegance from Paris and Cécile exactly had done so!

Parisian Perfumer Cécile Zarokian smells an early version of SHEIDUNA
Parisian Perfumer Cécile Zarokian smells SHEIDUNA

In the following months version B was further refined and after trying out various percentages, the right perfume oil percentage was decided (27%). This final version now had to be tested for 3 months in an external laboratory to see if it was compliant with EU and IFRA regulations. By the end of July all results were good, so we could order the Perfume oil and will start the process of maceration, filling and maturation later on in September.

In September, at the fragrance event Pitti Fragranze in Florence, we will officially launch SHEIDUNA and late October we expect the first flacons to be in the stores that sell Puredistance.

Puredistance founder Jan Ewoud Vos and Cécile Zarokian meet in Paris
Puredistance founder Jan Ewoud Vos and Cécile Zarokian meet in Paris: Good chemistry is key in the creation of a great fragrance!

The SHEIDUNA experience in words? The Perfume is rich and intense, inspired by a panoramic view of golden sand dunes in the desert during sunset – soft curves changing from deep gold to warm, orangey red – embodying a promise of sensual comfort and silent seduction. Wearing SHEIDUNA one wafts sensuality and at the same time feels like being wrapped up in a warm, soft blanket. Deep colours of Persian rugs touch the senses… the perfect marriage between Sensuality and Style.

Parisian Perfumer Cécile Zarokian holds the first sample flacon of SHEIDUNA Perfume
Cécile Zarokian holds the first sample flacon of SHEIDUNA Perfume
May 2016


Puredistance founder Jan Ewoud Vos and Perfumer Antoine Lie in Paris
Puredistance founder Jan Ewoud Vos and Perfumer Antoine Lie in Paris

The city of Paris has always played an important role in the development of our brand. Perfumer Antoine Lie who lives and works in Paris has created two wonderful Perfumes for Puredistance: BLACK and WHITE. And right now Parisian Perfumer Cécile Zarokian is creating the new Puredistance Perfume ‘SHEIDUNA’, an wonderful oriental that will be launched after summer.

Puredistance Master Perfume Collection on display at Jovoy in Paris
Puredistance Master Perfume Collection on display at Jovoy in Paris

And let’s not forget Francois Henin who owns one of the most beautiful exclusive perfumeries in the world near Place Vendôme has given, from the very first day he opened his store, Puredistance a prominent place in his store. Also Perfumery Sens Unique in the Marais quarter is very fond of our brand.

All in all we love Paris and Paris loves us!

February 2016

Puredistance Crystal Perfume Columns: a future collector’s item

Rare limited edition crystal Puredistance Perfume Column made by Swarovski
Rare limited edition Crystal Puredistance Perfume Column made by Swarovski

The past 7 years Swarovski has produced a very limited amount of unique crystal Perfume Columns exclusively for Puredistance. Four versions have been produced: ‘clear crystal and gold’, ‘clear crystal and steel’, ‘black crystal and gold’ and ‘black crystal and steel’. The crystal Column is specially made to hold one of the 17.5 ml Puredistance Perfume Sprays and is regarded as one of the most luxurious and exclusive accessories in the world of Perfume flacons.

Puredistance 1 Perfume inside a limited edition Crystal Perfume Column
Puredistance 1 Perfume inside a limited edition Crystal Perfume Column

Two years ago we have ordered the last crystal columns and in the future no Crystal Columns will be produced anymore. From each Column not more than three hundred pieces have been produced. All with a unique number engraved in the crystal bottom and the corresponding cap. We predict this unique Crystal Perfume will be a collectors item one day.

December 2015


Puredistance Master Perfume Collection presented on our chessboard display which was designed inhouse
Looking back at 2015

2015 has been the best year ever for Puredistance in terms of sales and brand appreciation. We found, now that we offer 6 different Perfumes, each with its own unique character, there is certainly enough choice and depth in our collection to justify the name ‘Perfume House’. The past 8 years we have been working hard, without any compromises, to make sure the best quality ingredients and components would go hand in hand with the most elegant design and – let’s not forget this – good old fashioned personal service. Our goal always has been to be a small and unique brand. To be recognised in more than 30 countries as one of the leading ‘niche’ luxury Perfume Houses, is like a dream come true.

For the years to come we will continue to do what we always have done. This means we stay small and personal. ‘Small is beautiful’ will still be our motto. The past years we have seen many leading niche perfume companies being taken over by large luxury powerhouses or investment funds (Byredo, Frederic Malle, Le Labo, Diptyque, Annick Goutal , L’Artisan Parfumeur, Penhaligons, Clive Christian, to name a few). Some of the perfumeries that sell Puredistance have recently asked me if Puredistance would be the next company to be sold. My answer was that as long as the Puredistance Team enjoys what they do, I will not sell out and we will stay a privately-owned company that can make aesthetic and moral choices without external (financial) pressure from third parties.

I wish you all the very best for 2016. I hope next year we can also contribute a little to your sense of comfort and well-being, with our Perfumes and our personal caring. To share with you some highlights of the past year, we made this Christmas Card!

Kind Regards and Happy Holidays,
Jan Ewoud Vos

June 2015


Puredistance White a Master Perfume inside a classic white giftbox
Puredistance White Perfume
Monique – The Netherlands
“You really made my day!! I have been in my bed since Monday with a big fever feeling awful and not even thinking about wearing fragrance… So today when I got the sample of white I was not sure to put it on but did it anyway! Oh my god… It made me feel so much better, it smells really amazing it was love at first sniff… And that is quite amazing knowing I was not in the Mood for fragrance the last few days!”
Yousuf – Qatar
“Two days ago I bought a sample of WHITE from First in Fragrance, and WOW this is one of the best things that I have ever smelled in all my life. I am a collector, I have +300 bottles, now I can easily say that WHITE is number one for me :). By the way I am a man 🙂 and WHITE is easily a unisex.”
Nazima – Germany
“White arrived and it is drop-dead gorgeous! I Love on the first sniff. Compared to M it goes in the exact opposite direction but it has the beauty, quality and complexity equally. As someone who is more on a darker perfume side and often struggling with typical feminine perfumes especially white florals “White” came as a pure fascination. Another love of mine. A summer love :)”
 Jacqueline – U.S.A
“White took me totally by surprise.  It is subdued but not when I initially applied it.  I took a mild bath in it, I believe:).  This morning, I applied it again with a more subtle hand and AGAIN I find myself fascinated by this fragrance as with all of the other Puredistance fragrances!  It is totally unique but nonetheless quite refined!”
Puredistance White Perfume beautifully displayed in the window of a perfumery
Puredistance WHITE beautifully displayed
Karin – Stockholm 
“Thank you so much for the WHITE parcel. I have worn the perfume for a day and a half  – it took a little while for me to understand it but now I love it. It is a real shape-shifter – I woke up in the middle of the night and smelt a new phase. The dry-down is extraordinary”
Pamela – Australia
“Just a little courtesy note to let you know my beautiful perfume “White” has arrived. It is absolutely wonderful … my daughter had a little spray and was also delighted with it.”
May 2015


puredistance WHITE a master perfume
puredistance WHITE a master perfume
The past months many articles have been published about Puredistance and our latest Perfume ‘WHITE’. We like to share them with you. We like to start with a very well received interview with Jan Ewoud Vos in the Creative Director Series of Michelyn Camen’s Cafleurebon  Read the Article on CaFleureBon

Below various reviews and quotations on Puredistance WHITE:
16-09-2015 Published on Adelina’s World
“Once upon a time there was a far, far away kingdom in which fields were covered in roses, the sky was always blue and every single man or woman would have golden hair and opalescent white skin. The kingdom’s name was Puredistance and the people living in it were called Whitesians. The sun was always shining in the kingdom of Puredistance and people were always smiling.”
12-06-2015 Published on The Perfume Magpie
“Memories from the past flooded through me, and with the memories came the intense feelings of happiness. I was seeing other places and times, and above all, smiles. I was happy, we were so happy, and my heart ached… I opened my eyes with tears rolling down on my cheeks. WHITE had opened a floodgate of emotions that have been waiting to be released.”
07-05-2015 Published on Daly Beauty
“At first it is so white and luxurious, it’s like a princess, getting married, in a castle, maybe in heaven, surrounded by heavenly flowers bursting forth into bloom. And all of those flowers are white roses. Then, a soft cloud of the fluffiest white musk and cleanest white woods I’ve ever smelled rises off the skin. It’s quite incredible how the image of pure whiteness is conveyed in this fragrance. … The best part is the dry down, in my humble opinion. There is a perfect and powdery, yummy, soft sweetness that rises from the tonka bean and it is so seamlessly blended with the woodsy white roses and musk that one cannot really pick out this note or that. Smooth is the word that comes to mind. The vetiver, sandalwood and patchouli are so beautifully velvety, and there is not a single rough spot to be found. Like white velvet, or polished crystal with the sun shining through it.”

Wow….I spritzed a tiny bit of silk and left it on my desk. Hours later as I would walk back into my office I kept encountering a scent that can only be described as delicious. Not in a dessert way – it’s too sophisticated and airy to be described as foody. It defies description. You just have to trust me when I tell you if these notes appeal to you, this may be your ultimate perfume.“

06-04-2015 Published on The Scented Hound
“WHITE is everything that perfume should be ….. Words escape me …. WHITE is perfumery at its best and is easily my favorite from the Puredistance line. That’s quite the statement because all of their perfumes are incredible in their own right. My suggestion: If you want to live the perfume dream, WHITE is the perfect place to start. C’est magnifique!”
11-03-2015 Published on Chemist in the Bottle
“The longer your wear Puredistance White the more attention it seems to get because I’m smelling my wrist more often right now ….. the sandalwood essence that was used in this Master Perfume is simply divine. It does feel woody but at the same time the surface of the wood is so shiny, smooth and polished that it possibly could’ve been mistaken for silk fabrics …. so addictive. Puredistance team wanted to create a fragrance that will make everyone feel instant happiness upon sniffing this new perfume. In my opinion… they nailed it!”
09-04-2015 Published on Colognoisseur
28-03-2015 Published on Eierdown Press
12-03-2015 Published on BL’eauOG
“I am pretty sure you will not find any other perfume of this quality and with that ingredients anywhere else in the world. If that will be so and if the consumers realize that they can have the ultimate perfume production, I predict that White could become Puredistance’s bestseller of the existing six”

12-04-2015 Published on Fragrantica by Serguey Borisov
“Puredistance White is one of the most comforting feminine fragrances, warm and embracing …. It’s a surprisingly pleasant smell without edges …. my wife is very fond of it, and in my family we immediately began to recognize the smell. You know, I even conducted an experiment involving my one-year-old daughter out of curiosity (even better that she does not talk yet). I held her in my arms and brought perfumed spots on my hands to her nose for short periods of time (just to breathe). Would there be some reaction? Out of the four floral-powdery basenotes my daughter smiled only once, and it was—you guessed it—at Puredistance White!”

16-03-2015 Published on Parfumistans Blogg “The process to create WHITE took over one year and probably this is a big part of the success, Puredistance never stresses new perfumes into the market, the creators take the time needed. Therefore the Puredistance line is one of the most solid lines in the market, there are no misses (so far) just solid, sophisticated, very high quality perfumes and I’m very fond of them all …. WHITE is a sophisticated fragrance, surprisingly easy to wear taken its elegance and the expensive, high quality ingredients in to account. It would the perfect perfume for the bride of the coming Swedish royal wedding in June … It’s as timeless and versatile as for example Chanel No 22. The longevity is very good, 12h+ and one or two spritzes is enough …. WHITE is so well crafted that it makes me considering selling off my less well crafted florals.

16-03-2015 Published on Perfume Posse
16-03-2015 Published on Fragrantica by Sandra Raičević Petrović
22-03-2015 Published on What Men Should Smell Like
22-05-2015 Published on Anca Baluticoane
15-03-2015 Published on +Q Perfume Blog

12-04-2015 Published on Perfume-Smellin’ Things
The sixth release from Puredistance follows the well received Black which was also authored by Antoine Lie, and White could not be more aptly named; it is very bright, dazzling even, the perfume equivalent of looking into the sun….. my own immediate response to smelling it was a delighted smile. … The final result is a floral perfume of impressive lasting power; after all, it a concentrated extrait formulation. It touches on some of the stylistic themes of earlier Puredistance fragrances while remaining distinctive in its own right; it is as abstract as Puredistance I if not even more so; a soft rustle of leafy green recalls Antonia; and its structure is as infallible as Opardu. Puredistance does not launch a new fragrance until it has been perfected, and White is a stellar addition to the line.”

December 2014


Puredistance White Perfume a dream in white and gold
Puredistance WHITE a Master Perfume

The first facts about Puredistance WHITE. WHITE will be a pure Perfume, like all Puredistance Perfumes, with a percentage of 38% Perfume oil. WHITE will include some of the most costly ingredients in the world. Puredistance WHITE has been created by Antoine Lie from Paris and took one year from concept to final creation. Puredistance WHITE will be ready for sale in most countries in April 2015

The main idea behind the creation of WHITE was to create a perfume so beautiful that it gives the wearer an instant boost of happiness. As a visual compass for the world renowned perfumer Antoine Lie from Paris we envisioned a picture of a woman in a golden bath, relaxing, smiling and glowing from the warm rays of the sun. We wanted him to create a white and golden dream, an intimate escape from harsh reality. It took Antoine Lie one year to complete the magic formula, using the best and most expensive ingredients in the world (ingredients that will be revealed next year). The result is a one-of-a-kind perfume that will enhance your mood through intense, but comforting beauty – just like mother nature does when you unwind on a deserted beach surrounded by the natural beauty of orchids and getting comfortably drowsy from the warming sun…. a serene, natural happiness will be yours.

When we tested WHITE we found many people started to smile right away and then started smelling their wrist over and over again, telling us WHITE made them happy. Exactly what we hoped for! If WHITE is for you, this perfume will brighten up the moment and for a while it will make your inside world a happier one. We realise this is a bold statement, but considering the first reactions and our own feelings, we think Antoine Lie has created a real mood transforming perfume. We truly believe WHITE will make many moments – in many lives – more beautiful.

December 2014


Puredistance Founder Jan Ewoud Vos and Ivo Parac at Pitti Fragranze in Florence
Puredistance Founder Jan Ewoud Vos and Ivo Parac at Pitti Fragranze in Florence

“We’ll always have Paris…”       (from the 1942 classic movie Casablanca)

There was once an emotion which made our legs weak, our hands tremble and hearts leap. With today’s television, and high-speed internet, does real romance still exist? Can scent alone really bring us back to a world of romance, or do we need more? Join us for an exclusive look with Ivo Parać fragrance journalist of Elle Croatia and many other magazines, to find out!

What does romance mean to you?
For me, romance is encountering the unexpected. When we consciously go out looking for romance, I think we rarely find it. But the moment we say “I’m through with love’’, then we will find it. Something like “don’t seek, and you shall find!” That’s how it has always been for me, and it has been the same with perfume. There were times when I was obsessed with finding the perfect “superperfume”, but the moment I forgot what I was looking for, I found it – unexpectedly. I do not usually go with the trend or it-brands of the moment. I take my time and say, what smells good to me? What suits me? The thing is, most people think they want to drive a Ferrari – “the ideal” supercar. But the truth is, supercars are too loud, uncomfortable, they have a tiny trunk and are neither practical nor economical. Don’t get me wrong, the F12 Berlinetta is a beauty, but it may not be the best one just because it’s a Ferrari. For me, the best things in life always came from unexpected places, at unexpected times.

Can you describe your relationship with Puredistance? When did it begin?
It really is a mysterious story, but it’s true. My first Puredistance appeared out of nowhere! I was in Paris, I think it was 2010, and I just came back to my hotel with a few shopping bags, and I noticed a sample of Puredistance I falling out from one of the bags, wondering “where did I get this?” It is a mystery to this day… because that day I didn’t go to any of the niche perfumeries and I still don’t know where I got it from. Maybe I met someone who secretly slipped it into my bag? Anyway, I put it on my wrist and thought to myself “what on earth is this?” …Later I discovered the brand, and the first thing that struck me was the flacon, a simple classic chemistry vial. Simple and beautiful. So my story with Puredistance started with I. Later I discovered M, Antonia and Black. I think I resonate most with Black, but I’m enjoying M and Antonia too.

How does the DNA of Puredistance reflect your inner values?
The reason why I appreciate Puredistance most is that I don’t feel cheated. You pay a lot and you get a lot. I can feel Jan Ewoud does take the time for his creations, and most importantly, I can feel the coherence of the idea – without any distraction. It’s ironic, but in my opinion, the best businessmen are not in it for the money. The moment you start to think about profit, and profit only, you get distracted and start to be dishonest to yourself… and people can smell dishonesty.

Puredistance Opardu Master Perfume inspired by romantic, vintage Paris
Puredistance OPARDU Perfume inspired by vintage, romantic Paris

Where do you feel romance is going today?

Right now we are in a crisis. We are consuming a lot of “digital trash” on the internet without realising it affects the way we think, the way we look, and the way we act. We are posting, tagging, liking, tweeting, exchanging, sharing, interacting, and all this time we only think we are communicating, but in fact we are not. We are distancing ourselves from each other, and forgetting how to communicate. It is the same with romancing. Sometimes I miss the times when people were communicating more and enjoying quality time – in person!

Do you feel Puredistance is a rare bird? Why or why not?
Actually I do. Puredistance is unique, small, and beautiful. I never heard trendy people talking about it, or trendy blogs mentioning it. I only heard connoisseurs talking about it. You can tell that Jan Ewoud took his time, and that is rare these days with mass production. Larger companies which only mass-produce can easily fall into a trap of doing things against their DNA. Jan Ewoud created Puredistance. It’s his vision, simple as that. If Jan Ewoud is doing something against his original vision, he’s only hurting himself, and his brand. It may sound strange, but I think that the best way to please your customer is not to listen to the customer, but to please the idea. And above all, do not study competition. Do what you love.

“A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms” – Zen Shin Talks.

Any last thoughts or advice for Jan Ewoud and the future of Puredistance?
As I already said, don’t study the competition, don’t follow the trends. In the future, there may be more brands like Puredistance, but they will not have the original Puredistance vision. My advice to you is to keep doing what you’re doing. Follow your heart.

Interview by Mary Gooding