Professional Reviews


The Silver Fox
“If you can find the Puredistance perfumes, sample them and see what you think, you will find an intensely luxurious, elegantly focused line, made by Jan and his fiercely dedicated team in collaboration with an intriguing and carefully commissioned family of perfumers. For now I will indulge in this beautifully arranged perfume (Puredistance SHEIDUNA) as it conjures up such a sensual and contradictory array of emotions and olfactive images. A plush and luxurious oriental that invokes an eerie, shadow-washed vignette of December’s divisive, garish and obsessively observed feast day…”

Le Parfum du Jour
“This independent perfume house from the Netherlands creates remarkable and exquisite fragrances. I think that any of these luxurious perfumes can be a special gift for your loved one…”
“I loved all of the creations by Puredistance, because I found that each one is exceptional, and wears beautifully.”


Stelios from Cyprus
‘Hello Mary, Just to let you know that I have received the package. The giftbox and overall presentation is just lovely! I find it quite elegant and luxurious, just like the fragrance itself! I was impressed with how attentive and helpful you guys were from the beginning and now this. Words are not enough to express my appreciation. I just hope I will love the samples equally the same and be able to repay your kindness with another purchase. Thank you very very much.’

Katarzyna Biala from Denmark
‘Dear Mary, many thanks for your lovely message and the assistance with the order – i feel it reflects perfectly the spirit of the brand… I have literally smelled hundreds of scents by now but discovering Puredistance has been a real ‘coup de foudre’ for me, so while repeating my best wishes to you and the team, i’d also be grateful if you could kindly pass my words of sincere thanks to Mr Jan Ewoud Vos for creating – and maintaining – the Puredistance concept.’

Runa Kodera from Japan
‘Dear Mary, I have received 60ml WHITE with a beautiful boxed samples. Thank you for your lovely words that remind me respectable Dutch spirit told by my husband who lived in Amsterdam many years. He often tells me that Dutch people are frank and not show off , but when they find someone in trouble, they offer much generosity. Now I begin to explore your other scents. Sincerely yours.’

K. Beckman – Nevada, USA
I received your generous gift of the first 60ml flacon of M. Your correspondence brought tears to my eyes. I was simply speechless. That’s saying a lot since you already know I have something to say about everything…  It’s a rarity that  company takes the time and effort to do what you did for me. That’s why Puredistance is “pure class” in and out of the bottle. It’s really nice, in a world of texting, Twitter, and Facebook, that The Puredistance Team can compose a letter “old School,” address, stamp and mail. I thank you for that, since I’ll be 62 this year, and appreciate a nice written letter.’

Maja – Warsaw, Poland
‘Hello Nele, I have just received the packed and Im very touched by your kindness and being so nice! So thank you so much for the card your nice words  and this extra present . I really appreciate this so much. I am sure that I will stay with Puredistance for a long time. I must tell you; amazing fragrances ! And perfect “customer service” because of you Nele! I think I will write a music about those perfumes and I will send you to listen to one day. Have a beautiful holidays and thank you again.’

Mariana Pavel from the United Kingdom
‘Hi Mary, I received the parcel three days ago and everything was exactly as expected: scrumptious wrap, elegant handwriting note and the most gorgeous perfumes to gift for Christmas. I found out about Puredistance when i received a bottle of Opardu a couple of years ago. Last month I had a tea at Fortnum and Mason in London and I had the opportunity to try White that I very much enjoyed. I really appreciate what you’re doing and the way you present your products. Thank you!’

Nataliia Lemets from Canada
‘I’m happy! I’ve just received my bottle of paradise:). Everything is perfect : packing, gift box and especially the perfume. I believe that other perfumes are also so good, so I’ll try them all and make my next order soon. Thank you so much your creative work.’


A Bottled Rose
‘Puredistance put the class back into luxury perfumery. It seems these days that a number of brands in this exclusive niche are focusing on the blinged-out packaging, with the fragrant contents coming as something of an afterthought. Puredistance have elegant, covetable packaging but more importantly, meticulously composed, high quality scents.’
Corinna Lammert from Germany
‘Dear Puredistance team, I was fascinated by your company and your products as of the first moment. I liked the appearance of the homepage, the philosophy and the description of the fragrances. And I liked the concentration on the fragrance itself. No side products, just the scents. Wonderful….Again, let me express my deepest gratitude for creating an exquisite scent that is too beautiful to be expressed by words and that has become such a precious companion to me in such a short time. Thank you.’
Olfactoria from Vienna, Austria (Perfume Blogger)
‘Puredistance is a house very dear to my heart. Puredistance I, Antonia and M are all in my collection, I admire the style of this house and the way its founder Jan Ewoud Vos implements his philosophy and taste to build a brand that stands for luxury and quality, quite contrary to today’s trends.’
FLACONNEUR – PER FUMUS (Perfume Blogger)
“I’m continually amazed by the absolute perfection that Puredistance exhibits with regard to the thoughtfulness of each and every one of their perfumes. High concentration of natural material in unforgettable combinations, simply said, encourage their product to not only be interesting but long lasting and unforgettable.”
Simone from Brazil
 ‘And this is why I simply love this brand! Not only the fragrances are beautifully composed, but because the concept of Elegance and Luxury starts with brand owner Jan Ewoud Vos and it is perpetrated by his team! Puredistance is lovely!’
Adelina Tomescu from Romania (Perfume Blogger)
‘Today I want to tell you more about the house of Puredistance, one of my favourite perfume houses. I think that a perfume is not just a blend of notes made to make you feel better. It is so much more. As I often say, when a perfumer creates something new, he blends a piece of his soul, his true identity in the composition. Yes, perfumes are liquid memories, liquid emotions made for us to love and treasure. That is why I admire houses like Puredistance, who launch something new every couple of years, not 20 perfumes a year like other Perfume Houses. You can feel the joy and the passion in every detail.’
Rachel from Canada
‘I received my package, a high-end luxury. Plus I feel pretty darn good and different. Thank you to all the team behind this work of art.
Jane Daly from Canada (Perfume Blogger)
‘Puredistance is a luxury perfume house based in the Netherlands, and they use perfumers/noses from all over the world. They are uber exclusive, and, being only parfum or extrait concentration, the entire experience with Puredistance is about luxury.’
Sashiko from Japan
“When I opened the box, I was so touched by such beautifully packed perfumes and bottle accessories, as well as magazines. All of them are utterly sophisticated, beyond my expectation. I am surprised at the texture and shape of 17.5ml bottles, they fit really comfortably in my hand. Fine mister spreads well balanced mist very skillfully, exactly for pure perfume, not for EDP or EDT. I have no words to say thank you to add another bottle of Opardu for me – I will treasure it for sure as well as I and M.”
The Candy Perfume Boy from the United Kingdom (Perfume Blogger)
‘Puredistance is an ultra-luxe and ultra-exclusive niche brand based in the Netherlands. The brainchild of Jan Ewoud Vos, Puredistance is a brand that offers exclusivity without snobbery or pretence, their perfumes are designed to be “elegant, sophisticated, timeless”


The Scented Hound
“Warszawa unfolds like a day’s journey; the perfume starts bright and sweet like the dawn of a new day.  As the day wears on, the spice of the florals add life and energy and then finally, the perfume provides a finishing crescendo as if entering the grand ball at the end of the evening.  This is where the perfume settles into its final incarnation; a beauty that is unique as the noble city that bears its name.”

“WARSZAWA is not a note list. It’s a grand composition, symphonic, multi-faceted. You can’t smell a dominant feature ingredient, simply a gargantuan perfume. It’s overwhelming, aspirational and bloody gorgeous!”

“While my favorite perfume in their collection remains the green-floral scent Antonia (its herbal beauty reminds me of the original, ’70s version of Herbal Essences shampoo, and that is no trite comparison), the company’s latest offering, WARSZAWA (pronounced var-SHAV-uh) is another dazzling green-floral that is likely to win over many a jaded heart in the perfume community.”

Megan in Sainte Maxime 
“The perfume is unabashedly floral with violet candy tones in the opening, coating the grapefruit and provides a suggestion that something wonderful is going to emerge cocoon like from its folds. The sweetness tones down and a really lovely floralcy emerges. Jasmine in particular but it’s very well blended with a cloud like texture that makes you wonder if you really are smelling what is listed in the notes.”

“WARSZAWA is an éblouissant floral chypre, every bit as floral as a chypre can be. There are no timid blossoms amidst lusty feral jasmine and ebullient broom. In folktales, the broom-flower is used to cast a narcotic sleeping spell; it is among my favorite absolutes. Broom has a rich scent profile – honeyed, herbal/floral/fruity, the stuff of dreams. Orris concrete’s waxy silvery irones impart a woody violet hue, bestowing yet another layer of floralcy and contributing to its charmeuse-like texture.”

Perfume Posse
“Puredistance Warszawa is supposedly an homage to the smells of Warsaw, Poland. I’ve never been there, but if it smells like this I may relocate. Puredistance Warszawa is almost unbelievably lush, heavy with white flowers, galbanum and violet. It’s very long lasting and very, very feminine. It’s the sort of thing you would wear to a formal ball.”

The Black Narcissus
“Elegant, full, wistful and yet refulgent, it is a velveteen, interior perfume reminiscent of Robert Piguet’s Fracas from 1948 in heft and emotional texture, while substituting the tuberose for a long lasting jasmine and styrax musk accord that smells simultaneously rich and strangely haunting; the patchouli, and vetiver, orris-touched base weighting the more flirtatious violet and galbanum top like a floor touching green velvet evening dress; nostalgic, perhaps, but not old-fashioned, reminiscent indeed of the high aristocratic society the perfume is intending to evoke, old money that has lost its crown but not its traditions, celebrated at champagne soaked events held behind closed doors, unconnected – quite deliberately – to the twenty first century that lies beyond.”

Luxury Activist
“Puredistance remains true to its olfactory universe by going even further into the direction of traditional chypre. After a couple of hours, it is a true delight to almost rediscover a true Orris butter on skin. Such a luxury nowadays.”

“The opening is a silk glove being drawn along a sinuous arm as candied violet and grapefruit provide a smooth opening. A big green emerald flare of galbanum transforms it into something more extroverted. The floral heart accord is made up of a deep jasmine absolute paired with a rich orris butter. Just those two notes would have been spectacular, but M. Lie adds in the broom flower which provides its own twists and turns as it swirls through the more extravagant florals.”

A Bottled Rose
“It’s a full-bodied, kaleidoscopic fragrance that doesn’t have clear demarcations of individual accords or a top/heart/base. Puredistance fragrances tend to be supremely well blended and this is no exception.”

Parfumistans Blogg
“Warszawa is a fragrance with many layers and interesting twists. Later in the dry down an almost balsamic texture appears, wrapping the wearer in a gentle and mysterious skinscent.”

Bonkers about Perfume
“So have Puredistance delivered their brief of ‘a dreamy world of old-time chic? Absolutely they have. WARSZAWA is dreamy in the same way that Opardu is, without having the extra dimension of muskiness in that scent. In its unashamed, blowsy femininity, WARSZAWA seems the anthithesis of perfumes made today – or since the 80s, perhaps.”

The Plum Girl
“Wear it to seduce yourself, to feel good in your skin. With a hint of Slavic melancholy in your eyes…”


The Scented Hound
“Welcome to the bazaar…Sheiduna’s opening is full of light and glistening peppery citrus and fruits that feel as if they were dried on top of a warm, sun-kissed sand.  The perfume is dry, but it has an undertone of a rounded vetiver that sails along the top of an ambered plane tinged with the most beautiful incense.”
“As it happens from time to time, when I really like a perfume it can easily create a vision in my head; sometimes something more. It happened when I kept wearing Sheiduna. I could envision a deep sea of sand and a sun, shiny and bright like a ruby, that is about to bid farewell as the day comes to an end. And blowing wind that rouses the sand, causing the waves of dunes to slowly rearrange.”
“The first spritz of Sheiduna was a complete surprise, absolutely brimming with sunshine. This distinctive burst was not your common bergamot variety. It was sharp, intensely sweet and exuberant. Traditionally, an opening of this sort is short lived. This was not the case with Sheiduna. The sublime brightness lingers and then slowly mellows, but never completely subsides.”
“This mesmerizing oriental fragrance instantly made me think of a caravan lead by a nomad in the desert. He is heading home to his beautiful young wife. The shapes of the dunes in the sunset remind him of her as he approaches the destination. When he arrives, the dark sky has a million stars. They drink tea in silence as he admires her beauty, and she shyly hides away from his gaze.”
“There’s an underlying patchouli aroma that gives it character, a hint of spice to make it jump off the skin. And by the one hour mark, SHEIDUNA reaches its resting place in the dry down. It will shift no longer, content in its final form of mellow prettiness. This is, much like WHITE before it, a wonderful perfume for a special woman. I can’t wait to pull it out more frequently around the holiday season.”
 “I must tip my hat to Mr. Vos and Mme Zarokian for taking this path for I found uncommon beauty within this arid Oriental.”
Puredistance SHEIDUNA featured in Colognoisseur’s Best fragrances of 2016: “I appreciate brands which are willing to change a well-known architecture. Creative director Jan Ewoud Vos and perfumer Cecile Zarokian take the traditional Oriental and dry it out with abandon. Never has the Orient seemed so modern.”
“Sheiduna is a multi-faceted fragrance. Being both perfume extrait and an oriental, these rich and complex facets come alive on the skin with all of their majesty in tact.”
“As soon as Sheiduna hit my skin, it fractured into a kaleidoscopic assemblage of effects with textured and refined impact; I could feel the quality of materials and chromatics of olfaction, the low key way the notes and chords had been combined to produce a scent of emotive suggestion.”
“Occasionally a perfume comes along that makes me see colors when the first notes hit. Such is the case with Sheiduna, the first oriental fragrance from Puredistance. When I close my eyes, I smell fire opal: a kaleidoscope of warm greens, gold and red orange.”
“A golden glow of mandarin, lemon, blackcurrant and aldehydes portrays the moment when the sun embraces the horizon. As sand lifted by wind, a whirl of warm spicy notes unveils the purple rose in the heart of the fragrance.”
“To me, Sheiduna follows the life cycle of a woman. The powerful blast of ripe, juicy tangerines that I have smelled in the first half an hour made me think of childhood, the stage in wich a girl enjoys the simple things, as she forges her path through life.” 
“When I first wore Sheiduna I imagined a woman in a negligee sitting in her room, maybe about to make some mischief. The alluring Elizabeth Taylor in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof along with the handsome Paul Newman immediately came to mind in that languid Southern heat.  There’s a defiant, pillowy, plumped up feel to Sheiduna that feels all high gloss yet comforting at the same time. We’re talking a bit of old school glamour here, it’s sensual but not in an obvious way.”
Perfumowy Blog
“SHEIDUNA , however, is in its nature a more balanced, harmonious and subtle. Less experimental and more classic. Goes on the skin very slowly, becoming a long-term scent of near-skin, where traces of rose are attached to the skin.”
Suzanne’s Perfume Journal
“Altogether, this is the scent of sophistication. That difficult-to-describe essence that goes beyond natural beauty is what I recognize when I see a Jessica Chastain film, and it’s what I find in Sheiduna.”
“You’ve got to meet her in silence. She might seem orientally mystic but cold and distant, yet you can sense there is so much more under that self contained first impression. When I took the second breath images and scents swirled around my head, extracting bits and pieces connected to my olfactory memories…desert!”
“All in all, it’s a flawless fragrance, unisex, modest yet opulent with strong rave on skin.”
Bonkers about Perfume
“SHEIDUNA is opulent and elegant and mysterious and completely its own thing. If you are happy to wait a little while, SHEIDUNA soon gets into more classical ‘desert oriental’ territory. I LOVE the drydown in particular, when the scent becomes a fuzzy caressing tingle of ambery incense.”
“The scent is a complex amalgam that at once beguiles and intrigues with its spicy oriental melody which recalls the splendor of orientals proper of a bygone era. At the same time it’s very Middle-Eastern in feel, seen through the porthole of sophisticated French perfumery. Despite the Dutch origins of the Puredistance brand, their sophistication is like a magpie, collecting the most ecclectic elements of a cosmopolitan aesthetic.”
Parfumistans blogg
“Sheiduna starts with a burst of a peppery note, maybe it’s the clove/incense. Soon this fizzy intro steps back and a beautiful sort of deep, lush citric accord appears grounded in a light rosy touch. The tangerinenote appears very realistic, the best interpreation of tangerine I have smelled so far.”


“Memories from the past flooded through me, and with the memories came the intense feelings of happiness. I was seeing other places and times, and above all, smiles. I was happy, we were so happy, and my heart ached… I opened my eyes with tears rolling down on my cheeks. WHITE had opened a floodgate of emotions that have been waiting to be released.”
The Scented Hound
“WHITE is everything that perfume should be ….. Words escape me …. WHITE is perfumery at its best and is easily my favorite from the Puredistance line. That’s quite the statement because all of their perfumes are incredible in their own right. My suggestion: If you want to live the perfume dream, WHITE is the perfect place to start. C’est magnifique!”
Chemist in the Bottle
“The longer your wear Puredistance White the more attention it seems to get because I’m smelling my wrist more often right now ….. the sandalwood essence that was used in this Master Perfume is simply divine. It does feel woody but at the same time the surface of the wood is so shiny, smooth and polished that it possibly could’ve been mistaken for silk fabrics …. so addictive. Puredistance team wanted to create a fragrance that will make everyone feel instant happiness upon sniffing this new perfume. In my opinion… they nailed it!”
“I am pretty sure you will not find any other perfume of this quality and with that ingredients anywhere else in the world. If that will be so and if the consumers realize that they can have the ultimate perfume production, I predict that White could become Puredistance’s bestseller of the existing six”

Fragrantica by Serguey Borisov
“Puredistance White is one of the most comforting feminine fragrances, warm and embracing …. It’s a surprisingly pleasant smell without edges …. my wife is very fond of it, and in my family we immediately began to recognize the smell. You know, I even conducted an experiment involving my one-year-old daughter out of curiosity (even better that she does not talk yet). I held her in my arms and brought perfumed spots on my hands to her nose for short periods of time (just to breathe). Would there be some reaction? Out of the four floral-powdery basenotes my daughter smiled only once, and it was—you guessed it—at Puredistance White!”

Parfumistans Blogg
“The process to create WHITE took over one year and probably this is a big part of the success, Puredistance never stresses new perfumes into the market, the creators take the time needed. Therefore the Puredistance line is one of the most solid lines in the market, there are no misses (so far) just solid, sophisticated, very high quality perfumes and I’m very fond of them all …. WHITE is a sophisticated fragrance, surprisingly easy to wear taken its elegance and the expensive, high quality ingredients in to account. It would the perfect perfume for the bride of the coming Swedish royal wedding in June … It’s as timeless and versatile as for example Chanel No 22. The longevity is very good, 12h+ and one or two spritzes is enough …. WHITE is so well crafted that it makes me considering selling off my less well crafted florals.

Perfume-Smellin’ Things
The sixth release from Puredistance follows the well received Black which was also authored by Antoine Lie, and White could not be more aptly named; it is very bright, dazzling even, the perfume equivalent of looking into the sun….. my own immediate response to smelling it was a delighted smile. … The final result is a floral perfume of impressive lasting power; after all, it a concentrated extrait formulation. It touches on some of the stylistic themes of earlier Puredistance fragrances while remaining distinctive in its own right; it is as abstract as Puredistance I if not even more so; a soft rustle of leafy green recalls Antonia; and its structure is as infallible as Opardu. Puredistance does not launch a new fragrance until it has been perfected, and White is a stellar addition to the line.”



The Fragrant Man
‘For me, as with any fume it is always more about the blend, the composition, rather than individual notes as notes behave differently when made into accords. The BLACK accords smell of highly polished leather turning into suede then into a chamois generously splashed with Laotian Oud, a dab of cresol and sprinkled with crumpled patchouli leaves. If I was to use only one word it would be beautiful… This is one of the 7 wonders of the modern perfume world.’

Perfume Nerd
‘Puredistance Black makes me believe that I live in the age of campfires and legends… Love. Adventure. One thousand and one nights. Beauty. Filled of joy with the knowledge that from time to time such a masterpiece perfume comes in my way. Puredistance Black is also one of the absolutely best fragrances I have tried in a long time. It was a true inspiration to try it, in fact so much that I felt like writing again, thank you very much, Puredistance Black.’

What Men Should Smell Like
‘Puredistance’s approach to this primordial theme is a perfume that dances in shadows. Soft and textural, it feels like perfumed velvet, wrapped around a crystal well of jet black ink.’

‘Puredistance has wisely limited its aromatic outpour to one fragrance per year (or even less frequently) choosing to differentiate itself from the many niche brands who dilute their essence in too many simultaneous launches. It has also set the bar pretty high with their stupendous masculine M fragrance and their graceful I and Opardu perfume for women, so expectations are understandably high for their newest release. Black doesn’t disappoint, especially since it fills a void in the line that we hadn’t realized was there. It’s different enough from the leathery and attention-grabbing M fragrance with its elegant 1960s character, and projects as something darker, untamed by the ways of the civilized world… The company doesn’t give away any of those raw materials. I absolutely love this; it will make reading and hearing impressions by those who will subsequently test Puredistance Black a real treat, as the mind often interferes with what the nose perceives.

Chemist in the Bottle
‘The longer I have BLACK on my skin the more I like it! Few minutes after the mark of 1st hour some smoky layers are revealed. First there’s a pale incense note. Could be a silver incense. But just a quarter later the composition gets smokier with frankincense I suppose. What I smell now is rather spiritual, meditative and churchy. There’s an in-depth harmony to the scent. The spicy notes that appeared earlier are still around, seamlessly blended into unity…  It’s character is elegant, sophisticated and stylish. Puredistance presented the best of good taste with BLACK. Elegant perfumes are important part of my life. I like the story they tell, or a story I can make while smelling them. Puredistance BLACK is no exception. It just feels like this perfume was made especially for me. It’s charming, mysterious and romantic. And that amazing lasting power of almost 16 hours! There are not many brands who create perfume this way.’

Sorcery of Scent
‘I would love to describe the scent to you, but that would be telling. Let me just say it’s good. Really, really good. I urge you to experience it for yourself.’

The Luxury Activist
‘The first seconds are truly breath-taking… The fragrance really wraps warmly your skin and procures a soft yet sophisticated aura…  Elegancy is provided with amazing facetted notes.’


Puredistance is a house very dear to my heart. Puredistance I, Antonia and M are all in my collection, I admire the style of this house and the way its founder Jan Ewoud Vos implements his philosophy and taste to build a brand that stands for luxury and quality, quite contrary to today’s trends. Opardu is the fourth perfume created for the line, the third by Annie Buzantian. The name Opardu is a neologism created by Jan Ewoud Vos, who told me with a twinkle in his eye, that it was his gift to the French who have been needing that word for a long time. Smelling Opardu, it perfectly fits that twilighted landscape of the soul hovering between tears and a smile, the name has evoked in me. Bitter-sweet memories, unfulfilled dreams, missed chances and rueful glances backwards find their olfactory equivalent in rain-drenched lilac, sweet violet and powdery heliotrope. A whiff of my mothers soap makes the trip down a shadowy memory lane perfect. Opardu is a quiet and reflective perfume, it is retro in feel and it clearly harks back to a different era. Upperclass women in Fin de Siècle Vienna might have smelled like Opardu. Opardu fits perfectly in the Puredistance canon, because it is elegant and refined, and makes me feel classy and sophisticated. Class is what Puredistance is all about, and Opardu without a doubt, has class.’

‘It has an amazing amount of sophistication and a vintage vibe while still feeling relevant for the present day. Opardu starts out with a full set of impressive and prominent top notes. Tuberose, rose, gardenia, and lilac are the initial group… The lilac here smells alive and opulent and it mesmerized me with its surprising nuance. I think this is because Ms. Buzantian chose these other strong floral notes to set it off and allow the lilac in Opardu an unusual trajectory throughout the development. The lilac persists into the heart where now it harmonizes particularly wonderfully with the jasmine and carnation. The clovelike quality of the carnation brings out some of the sharper edges of lilac, the jasmine enhances the powdery quality but without that character taking over. By the end heliotrope adds its aquatic floral character and a tiny bit of cedarwood grounds this floral fantasia. Opardu has outstanding longevity and average sillage which you would expect from something which is 32% perfume oil… Opardu is something quite special.’

Parfumistans blogg
‘Already from the start I perceive the same level of elegance as is present in Antonia, but Antonia is more of a pronounced daytime elegance where Opardu is the contrasting, mysterious and graceful night bird. Opardu is an example of a wellcrafted, quality fragrance that unfold it’s secrets in different very well blended layers, just as a budding flower. It’s a relaxing fragrance that gives a calming almost sad/bittersweet pleasure during the whole drydown.’

The Non-Blonde
Perfumer Annie Buzantian of Puredistance has already proven herself as the Queen of Pretty. Her first creation for the line, Puredistance I, was a classic French little thing around a jasminemuguet- rose theme. Antonia won me over with its beautiful greenery, and now we have Opardu, a musky floral to end them all. And not only that, the floral part is lilac-centric. I can count on one hand with fingers to spare the really good and expensive smelling lilac fragrances (and I can’t wear most of them). So, yes, smelling and testing Opardu has been somewhat of a revelation… Lilac perfumes, including Patou’s, tend to be a bit melancholy. However, Opardu is brighter and and sunnier. It’s a fragrance that keeps a stiff upper lip and a straight back no matter what. The floral notes even give an impression that’s more pink than pale purple, making it easy to wear and welcoming. There’s no hint of sweetness and only a smidgen of powder from the heliotrope. Opardu doesn’t try too hard to please– it’s confident enough in its beauty to know that it already does.’

The green floral note of lilac is prominent from the first drops of fragrance… During development, misty outlines gently soothe and turn into very soft and powdery shades that are designed like a precious fabric that covers the skin in the smoothest way… When I smell my forearms trying to feel and experience the scent, Opardu really leaves an impression that I carry the most precious piece of jewelry, unique and complex, comprehensive and complete. Regardless of their different compositions Puredistance 1, Antonia and Opardu have a shared line, which connects and binds them. No matter that all three perfumes are work of the same fragrance perfumer Annie Buzantian – Master Perfumer from NY, the fragrances reflect the house’s yearning for better times, carefree times, and beauty in general. Love for woman and her beauty is omnipresent.’ 

Adelinas World
‘The woman smiles looking at the flowers and she almost feels their fresh, crisp smell that brings her so much happiness. She again immerses the brush in color and among the lilac flowers, she starts to paint a sweet heliotrope flower. This time, the colors are more vivid , you can get lost in their depth. If you close your eyes, you can feel their warm and powdery aroma. Yes! This is definitely how memories smell – a blend of space and time, over which the fine veil of melancholy sat quietly, protective.’

The Plum Girl
‘At first , as I sprayed it gently on, all I could think of is purple lilacs, lilacs everywhere. Me as a kid, lying on grass underneath a big lilac tree in my grandmothers’ backyard – before she calls me to have lunch, imagining that one day I would have a bed of purple lilacs made just for me.’



What men should smell like
‘The first time I smelled M by Puredistance, it stood out as something unique and I was immediately a fan. Whether it is the intensity with which this extrait de parfum vibrates on skin, the skill in which the fragrance is constructed, or the beautiful way M captures elements of the past whilst still presenting an olfactory idea that is so relevant for today, it is one of my favourite perfumes in this genre of dry woods… It is a perfume with a big personality so I enjoy it on days where I am feeling confident or I want to make an impression. Although many men prefer to wear lighter scents in summer, I enjoy wearing M in both warm and cold climates. In cold weather it feels like a shot of whiskey, which warms the soul, and in summer, I imagine men in white linen smoking cigars on a Havana bar… If I had to pack a time capsule of fragrances to be discovered by perfume fans a century from now, I would include a bottle of M.’

‘Hot, comfortable and luxurious, it represents a fragrant illustration of a mature man – of a temperamental oriental one! Its development reminds me of warm and cozy wooden huts heated by fireplaces; the smell of burning wood, hot spices and expensive cognacs perfectly interweaved.’
‘M on me is a spicy, warm oriental with the tiniest, softest hint of leather that doesn’t bother me in the least unlike the way leather normally does. M is sumptuous and complex, but at the same time elegant and refined. There is no single overwhelming element in M, it is noble and sophisticated.’



‘If I were to describe ANTONIA in terms of a feeling, it would be that of hopeful, dreamy yearning—the kind of yearning where you see only the dazzling possibilities of chasing whatever bright and wavery thing lies ahead of you, and no thought or fear of the obstacles it might take to reach it.’

All I am a redhead
‘After the initial slightly bitter feel to greenness (and brief flirting with soapiness), ANTONIA just gets better and better. I cannot stop myself smelling it, I feel like someone perfumed my favourite cashmere sweater with lush flowers so that at the same time I feel warm and enveloped in a cloud of white, velvety flowers. Elegance and style are forever and smelling like that can never be wrong.’

‘Like its predecessor, ANTONIA is entirely modern without being odd or strange; the makers were obviously aiming high and not looking for a quick hit with a trendy perfume that would soon pass out of fashion. I can see this becoming an enduring favorite in its class, and it’s classy all the way.’
‘Antonia is neither modern, nor old-fashioned. She is a timeless perfume, transporting in her feel of innocence, yet feminine and confident. She grabs you with unassuming gentleness and faithfully stays with you, tenacious, but far from overwhelming or intense.’

The non blonde
‘More than anything, Antonia is graceful and effortlessly elegant. I find it ultra-feminine, but of course that’s just me and my skin. I wear a drop and feel like I want to be worthy of this beauty and walk in its path. Sometimes I almost get there.’


‘It’s not a fragrance to stare at and admire the virtuosity of the perfumer but rather it’s a luxury to be worn in silence. It makes a perfect fusion with the skin. Like the fashion done by women designers in this case the fact that it has been done by a woman is not a surprise. It’s like a moment of personal luxury, a secret and intimate pleasure.’

‘In one word: good. I could leave it at that, since that is the overwhelming sensation of satisfaction I feel, shutting me and my inner cynic up for once. Simply: good. It is a high concentration (32%) pure perfume, which makes it smooth and round and longlasting. It is not at all strong or overwhelming, it is soft, fresh, light, incredibly elegant, sophisticated and timeless.  It is clean and pure and bewitching in its classy simplicity. I have gotten nothing but compliments when wearing it.’
‘Which at last brings me to the most important thing I came to know about this perfume. Puredistance 1 is exquisitely beautiful, yes—and even more so because it is a flowering mirror, intent on reflecting its light on its wearer. It is a reminder to me – the person who is so easily swayed by the dark and cunning femme fatales in my fragrance stable – that beauty without an agenda does exist, and beauty at its highest level is empathic, and full of light, and aware of more than just itself.’

‘The overall impression is that of an impeccable, classical structure, of elegant coldness and dazzling whiteness…’

Nathan branch
‘Once I sprayed the perfume on my skin, it clicked: the sleek imagery, the clinical prose, the stripped-down high-luxe aesthetic all serve to woo the unsuspecting contemporary consumer into experiencing a piece of genuine perfumery art.’ – Donna Hathaway
‘Although this fragrance is truly unique, its structure is related to the original abstract floral, Chanel No. 5, which I have never warmed to because I can’t get past the powder overdose, not being a fan of most powdery perfumes. If the Chanel smelled like this I would have been wearing it a long time ago. I don’t usually care much for ozonic scents either, but in this fragrance it’s not overdone as it almost always is in less well done compositions, when it’s supposed to smell like the ocean but usually fails miserably, ending up harsh and metallic. Not in this perfume – it’s what ties everything together, a cool, columnar scent that matches the gorgeous bottle.’

Sorcery of scent
‘If one can imagine a perfume that embraces the fundamental sum and substance of a woman – one that enchants as much as it bamboozles – and succeeds in speaking to every man and his virility, Puredistance 1 could be it.’

All I am a redhead
‘For me, Puredistance is exactly the way a woman seduces. It is a bit austere and cold at the beginning, with flowers hinting at femininity but not so much that you can be sure before she slightly smiles at you five minutes later. And still, you enjoy the company so much, the talk is gentle and intelligent, the atmosphere relatively relaxed… After a while, you can see the signs telling there is warmth underneath that smile and the woman behind that elegance is the one you will never find tiresome. That is what Puredistance I smells like to me.’