puredistance summer specials 2017

Puredistance Summer Specials

Enjoy a Fragrant Summer!

It's summer and we are in the mood for gifting! Take advantage of our Summer Specials, and enjoy a Puredistance perfumed summer. Available until the 15th August. 


Puredistance WARSZAWA


Inspired by the class and elegance of Polish women and the rich history of the city of Warsaw, WARSZAWA evokes the chic of the golden days of Fashion and Perfume. This perfume has style, warmth - great depth of character - and will make you feel beautiful in a lush way.


Puredistance 1


Puredistance 1 was created by the renowned perfumer Annie Buzantian in New York. Annie initially made this Perfume for herself, creating her own private masterpiece. And just like the quiet beauty of Grace Kelly Puredistance I is understated elegance in its purest form.


Puredistance ANTONIA

Highly original green floral

Created by Master Perfumer Annie Buzantian, Puredistance ANTONIA is a highly original green floral with a great lushness and warmth of heart, but at the same time pillowy and gentle as can be. ANTONIA is a timeless perfume; feminine and confident.  


Puredistance M


Puredistance M is sumptuous, sensuous and complex, but at the same time noble and sophisticated. Created in London by Roja Dove, M is inspired by the (vintage) leather interior of a classic Aston Martin. The warm smoothness of the blend is incomparable.


Puredistance OPARDU

Memories of vintage Paris

Puredistance OPARDU has an instant hypnotizing effect that evokes memories of love, romance and seduction. Be prepared for a sensual perfume that will bring you back to the velvety nightlife of Paris in earlier days.


Puredistance BLACK

Mysterious, warm & elegant

A warm, mysterious and elegant fragrance, full of charm. Black was created in Paris by the famous Perfumer Antoine Lie. A Perfume of the highest quality that releases sensual and elegant scent layers in a whispering and sophisticated way.


Puredistance WHITE

A flow of happiness

The main idea behind the creation of Puredistance WHITE Perfume has been to create a perfume so beautiful and positive that it gives the wearer an instant flow of happiness. Antoine Lie created a white and golden dream; an intimate escape from harsh reality.


Puredistance SHEIDUNA


SHEIDUNA is a rich and intense Perfume inspired by the panoramic views and feel of golden sand dunes in the desert during sunset - soft, female curves changing from deep gold to warm, orangey red - embodying a promise of sensual comfort and silent seduction.

puredistance crystal columns gold & steel swarovski

Puredistance Crystal Column

A Truly Exclusive Limited Edition Jewel

The most prestigious accessory we currently offer is the Puredistance Crystal Column, which is exclusively produced by the renowned Swarovski company. The column is made of the purest crystal accented with 24karat gold or high grade polished stainless steel.