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Tuesday, 24-03-2015
What others recently wrote about Puredistance

The past weeks many articles have been published about Puredistance and our latest Perfume ‘WHITE'. We like to share them with you. ALL of them. Including the one that is not overly positive :)

We like to start with a very well received interview with Jan Ewoud Vos in the Creative Director Series of Michelyn Camen’s Cafleurebon

Article on CaFleureBon - Published on 19-03-2015

Then we like to share many reviews on our latest Perfume ‘WHITE’:

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Tuesday, 23-12-2014
Puredistance White

The Facts about Puredistance WHITE: the new Puredistance Perfume that will be released in April 2015

We noticed already some speculation about the upcoming new Puredistance Perfume WHITE. To avoid half-truths and wrong assumptions, we present you in this posting the facts about Puredistance WHITE:

Puredistance WHITE will be a pure Perfume, like all Puredistance Perfumes, with a percentage of 38% Perfume oil.
We will release all ingredients when we launch WHITE April next year.
Puredistance WHITE will include some of the most costly ingredients in the world.
Puredistance WHITE has been created by Antoine Lie from Paris.
It took one year to create Puredistance WHITE
Puredistance WHITE will be ready for sale in most countries in April 2015

The concept and vision behind Puredistance WHITE you can find in this PDF and in the text below: 

The main idea behind the creation of WHITE was to create a perfume so beautiful that it gives the wearer an instant boost of happiness. As a visual compass for the world renowned perfumer Antoine Lie from Paris we envisioned a picture of a woman in a golden bath, relaxing, smiling and glowing from the warm rays of the sun. We wanted him to create a white and golden dream, an intimate escape from harsh reality.

It took Antoine Lie one year to complete the magic formula, using the best and most expensive ingredients in the world (ingredients that will be revealed next year). The result is a one-of-a-kind perfume that will enhance your mood through intense, but comforting beauty - just like mother nature does when you unwind on a deserted beach surrounded by the natural beauty of orchids and getting comfortably drowsy from the warming sun.... a serene, natural happiness will be yours.

When we tested WHITE we found many people started to smile right away and then started smelling their wrist over and over again, telling us WHITE made them happy. Exactly what we hoped for!

If WHITE is for you, this perfume will brighten up the moment and for a while it will make your inside world a happier one. We realise this is a bold statement, but considering the first reactions and our own feelings, we think Antoine Lie has created a real mood transforming perfume. We truly believe WHITE will make many moments - in many lives - more beautiful.
Friday, 12-12-2014
Interview with Ivo Parać
Romance & Elegance
by Mary Gooding

“We’ll always have Paris…” (from the 1942 classic movie Casablanca) There was once an emotion which made our legs weak, our hands tremble and hearts leap. With today’s television, and high-speed internet, does real romance still exist? Can scent alone really bring us back to a world of romance, or do we need more? Join us for an exclusive look with fragrance journalist of Elle Croatia and many other magazines, Ivo Parać to find out!

What does romance mean to you? 
For me, romance is encountering the unexpected. When we consciously go out looking for romance, I think we rarely find it. But the moment we say “I’m through with love’’, then we will find it. Something like “don’t seek, and you shall find!” That’s how it has always been for me, and it has been the same with perfume. There were times when I was obsessed with finding the perfect “superperfume”, but the moment I forgot what I was looking for, I found it - unexpectedly. I do not usually go with the trend or it-brands of the moment. I take my time and say, what smells good to me? What suits me? The thing is, most people think they want to drive a Ferrari - “the ideal” supercar. But the truth is, supercars are too loud, uncomfortable, they have a tiny trunk and are neither practical nor economical. Don’t get me wrong, the F12 Berlinetta is a beauty, but it may not be the best one just because it’s a Ferrari. For me, the best things in life always came from unexpected places, at unexpected times.

Can you describe your relationship with Puredistance? When did it begin? 
It really is a mysterious story, but it’s true. My first Puredistance appeared out of nowhere! I was in Paris, I think it was 2010, and I just came back to my hotel with a few shopping bags, and I noticed a sample of Puredistance I falling out from one of the bags, wondering “where did I get this?” It is a mystery to this day… because that day I didn’t go to any of the niche perfumeries and I still don’t know where I got it from. Maybe I met someone who secretly slipped it into my bag? Anyway, I put it on my wrist and thought to myself “what on earth is this?” …Later I discovered the brand, and the first thing that struck me was the flacon, a simple classic chemistry vial. Simple and beautiful. So my story with Puredistance started with I. Later I discovered M, Antonia and Black. I think I resonate most with Black, but I’m enjoying M and Antonia too.

How does the DNA of Puredistance reflect your inner values? 
The reason why I appreciate Puredistance most is that I don’t feel cheated. You pay a lot and you get a lot. I can feel Jan Ewoud does take the time for his creations, and most importantly, I can feel the coherence of the idea - without any distraction. It’s ironic, but in my opinion, the best businessmen are not in it for the money. The moment you start to think about profit, and profit only, you get
distracted and start to be dishonest to yourself… and people can smell dishonesty.

Where do you feel romance is going today? 
Right now we are in a crisis. We are consuming a lot of “digital trash” on the internet without realising it affects the way we think, the way we look, and the way we act. We are posting, tagging, liking, tweeting, exchanging, sharing, interacting, and all this time we only think we are communicating, but in fact we are not. We are distancing ourselves from each other, and forgetting how to communicate. It is the same with romancing. Sometimes I miss the times when people were communicating more and enjoying quality time - in person!

Do you feel Puredistance is a rare bird? Why or why not?
Actually I do. Puredistance is unique, small, and beautiful. I never heard trendy people talking about it, or trendy blogs mentioning it. I only heard connoisseurs talking about it. You can tell that Jan Ewoud took his time, and that is rare these days with mass production. Larger companies which only mass-produce can easily fall into a trap of doing things against their DNA. Jan Ewoud created Puredistance. It’s his vision, simple as that. If Jan Ewoud is doing something against his original vision, he’s only hurting himself, and his brand. For example, I have a perfume-lover friend, who is a big Opardu fan, but she is also a fan of lavish perfume spraying. Which means, she is an eau de toilette kind of consumer who likes to spray a lot. For her, it would be wonderful if she had a eau de toilette version of Opardu, it would certainly make her very happy. But I also certainly think that would compromise the brand - because the idea of an eau de toilette is against the Puredistance’s original idea. It may sound strange, but I think that the best way to please your customer is not to listen to the customer, but to please the idea. And above all, do not study competition. Do what you love. “A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms” - Zen Shin Talks.

Any last thoughts or advice for Jan Ewoud and the future of Puredistance?
As I already said, don’t study the competition, don’t follow the trends. In the future, there may be more brands like Puredistance, but they will not have the original Puredistance vision. My advice to you is to keep doing what you’re doing. Follow your heart.

* * * * *

A special thank you to Ivo for your time and sincerity. It was a joy to connect with you at Pitti and “reverse roles” to get a glimpse of your world.

Monday, 08-12-2014
Winter Specials!

Have you already smelled the scent of pines and firs? Here’s a chance to have an even more fragrant time-of-the-year; Winter Specials are online! Don’t miss out, specials are only valid until the 18th of January, and available to all customers in the USA/Canada and EU. Shipping costs are taken care of by us. Happy holidays!

As you will notice when you take a look at the Winter Specials, we don't offer discounts (we never do), but instead we add an extra gift. As we often do. Among our direct customers we are known for 'good old fashion personal service' and going the extra mile and giving something extra is part of that service.

And in case you can’t think of a good reason to take advantage of our Winter Specials, we listed 5 good reasons to do!

1. To reward yourself for all the hard work

2. To say I love you to someone near and dear

3. To indulge your senses with pure beauty

4. To feel special and light during the darker days of winter

5. To gift to the person that doesn’t expect it

Friday, 14-11-2014
What does Puredistance mean to you? A new perspective with Paul Schütze
 Paul and Jan Ewoud at Pitti Fragranze, Florence

Puredistance has quite a special meaning for us, now we want to know what does it mean to you? We begin our series “What does Puredistance mean to you?” with award-winning, multi-faceted musician and composer, Paul Schütze.

What inspires you the most?
I am very much drawn to things which are at the edge of perception. Things which you can only just see, and even then there’s an ambiguity. I really love things that are in flux, dissolving and reforming. They play with your perception… they make you ask questions about how or why you see or hear. I’m fascinated by that point of dissolution. It happens a lot at night, when all your senses are having to work very hard to define something. Often the thing that you perceive is not really there. I’m very interested in perception - in how it works and why it works.

How did you come to know Puredistance?
Well, I’m an avid fan of perfume and I collect in a humble way. Now how did I first encounter it? I honestly can’t remember… I think the first one I came across was M, which by coincidence we've just noticed I’m wearing today! I completely fell in love with it, and when I was introduced to the others, I was struck by how emphatic, and focused, and completely un-compromised they were in terms of strength and quality. Even in the independent world its quite difficult to make things which are that emphatic. I wrote to Jan Ewoud because I wanted to write about Puredistance on my Dressing the Air website and then not long after that we actually met when he visited London, which was great. The thing that people sometimes don’t really understand is that in these worlds of independent art - whether its sound, or perfume, or film making - you can communicate with people quite easily. So if you like someone’s work, just contact them.

What does the word Puredistance mean to you? Through the realm of music and composition? 
This is actually quite interesting. I was quite taken with the name Puredistance for a perfume company. It’s a very unusual name. Names of perfume companies rarely evoke space; they’re not usually about landscape. Puredistance to me indicates a horizon and a clear line between you and that horizon. Interestingly (and this a big coincidence) my template if I’m designing sound is that at some point in the composition that you should always be able to see through the detail to the horizon. So you should always know, even if it’s only for a moment, where the horizon is. If you get a glimpse of the horizon, it gives you an enormous sense of depth, whereas if you are always seeing something directly in front of you, chances are there’s nothing behind it. When I teach, this is one of the things I say to my students: that if you use a visual landscape as the model for your sound landscape then you will have a very complex and detailed sound landscape, and one of the key things you should always do is give a glimpse at some point of the horizon line, so that it actually forces this idea of depth and perspective. So Puredistance is a very lovely phrase that evokes perfectly that ideal. I think to push that into an olfactory metaphor might be difficult but it does sum that idea up really quite well.

Do you see any striking similarities in the morals or inspiration between you and Puredistance? 
I think the connection would be that Jan Ewoud is very uncompromising and extremely clear about what he wants. That I completely relate to. You can tell that the project is driven by passion. If he started not to enjoy it, and not to feel proud of it I think he would just stop… a very unusual approach to a commercial venture, but its a very good one. I think its evident in the brand that its not just a money-making exercise; there’s a lot more to it.

As an accomplished musician and composer, and now entering the world of perfume, doing what you love - connecting the arts - do you have any advice for Jan Ewoud and Puredistance?
I would just say (though I don’t think he needs my advice) just keep trusting your instincts. He obviously is very instinctive, and that’s worked. He will know when the next thing is right. As any good creative director of a perfume company, even if you can’t describe it, you just know. The last time I talked with him, he was talking about the group of perfumes as being a family, and the existing ones as being very much the parents. Potentially at some point in the future, there could be a delinquent child or some sort of crazy aunt… but at the moment there is a formal foundation on to which something more complex can be built. And there’s no hurry, that’s the other thing. It’s ready when it’s ready, and any other demand on time should be ignored. But he really doesn’t need my advice. 

* * * * * 

A special thank you to Paul for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. It was beautiful to hear your vision of the horizon in Puredistance and deepen the connections between the senses of sound and scent.

Sunday, 09-03-2014
Interview with Guy Reyne

Guy Reyne in his atelier in Ghent, Belgium

It is time for the “Monthly Interview Series”! These interviews are with people that have inspired us and love our brand. Just like us, we believe that everybody has it’s own unique story. And, we would like to know this story and share it with the readers of our website. This month’s interview is with Guy Reyne, the owner of the atelier Leder Reyne that makes our Leather Holders. Below your can read the interview about his experience in the leather industry.

When did Leder Reyne first open its doors?
Leder Reyne started around 70 - 80 years ago. I don’t know the exact date the store opened, however, it was just before the Second World War. Leder Reyne has always been a family-owned business, which is currently in its third generation.

What differentiates you from other leather ateliers?
We have always worked with leather and we have 70 - 80 years of expertise in different type of leather. I believe that this is our biggest strength. Furthermore, we have made creative and unique products and customers know that we can deliver and are open to any ideas they have.

What challenges do you face in the leather industry?
The type of demand for leather changed over the years. In the beginning, our main focus was repairing leather for shoes. However, now we create leather cases in any shape & form but also have requests to make other leather products, such as handbags, luggage, shoes and furniture. In this economy it’s important to have these different demands in order to compete with the mass leather production in Asia. If you only focus on making one of type of product, sooner of later it will be produced cheaper on a large scale. Another challenge that we are facing as a small atelier is getting high quality leather since this is hard to buy it in small quantities.

What is the most unique design request you have gotten from one of your customers?
There have been many unique requests so it is hard to choose one. We recently made a doctor’s mask out of leather for a movie. We also had requests for creating leather walls. We have quite a lot of customers who are artists and one of them asked his sculpture to be wrapped around with leather. So we made a leather clothing that beautifully fitted around the sculpture.

How would you describe the customers of Leder Reyne?
We have all types of customers: big & small companies, customers with repair requests or those with creative design requests, customers from the film industry, fashion industry, luxury industry and customers with background in arts. I believe it’s important to have this variety because it helps us to grow and expand our expertise in leather as well as make sure that we will have projects coming in on a regular base. 

How important is personal service for your customers?
For an atelier that makes products by hand, personal service is everything. Our customers appreciate it and like it a lot. The downside of personal service could be that, for us, it is not always possible to make all products. Sometimes we are too small to carry out a customer’s request.

The Puredistance Leather Holders are made from calf skin leather

How would you define quality leather?
Quality leather ages beautifully, which means the longer it is used the better it looks. We use calfskin for leather cases and handbags. Calfskin has a tight structure, is light and lasts for a long time. On the other hand, cow skin has more of a loose structure and is often used for furniture and for the interior of cars. Calfskin is more expensive than cow skin and is used for smaller products such as the Puredistance Leather Holders.

What do you think of the fact that nowadays everything is automatized instead of handmade?
A lot of leather production is done in countries such as India and China. However, the costs of producing leather in Asia is increasing. Over the past few years, the salaries slowly increased and there has been a conscious effort to improve the working standards of the employees. Even though these are important working factors, they do influence the costs and make production more expensive. Furthermore, there is currently a trend where ateliers in Europe are getting more design requests and the number of small ateliers opening their doors in Europe is increasing.

Would you consider “handmade” leather products to be something unique?
Considering that a lot of leather products are made by large companies through mass production, “handmade” can be considered as something unique. Customers who buy products that are handmade like  this unique factor and they are interested to know who made it. A small atelier can easier provide this transparency since the products are often made by hand and have a personal story. However, it does not mean that customers will immediately buy an expensive leather product. Price and brand awareness are still important purchasing factors. For example, it is hard to sell a luxury handmade handbag for a high price, which does not carry the Hermes or Louis Vuitton brand name.

Stitching the Leather Holder

How do you see the connection between leather and perfume?
Leather skin has similarities with human skin and therefore reacts almost the same to fragrance as our own skin does. Leather has real pores and can absorb fragrance the same way as we do, which makes it a good material to use in combination with perfume. Nonetheless, it is necessary to choose the right type of leather since it already has its own scent, which can influence the scent of the perfume.

What qualities attract you the most in Puredistance?
One of the most important success factors of a company is their employees. What I like most about Puredistance is the Puredistance Team! Everyone that I have spoken to is very friendly and open. Moreover, working with a luxury brand is always nice and gives us the chance to create & experiment with luxury leather products.

What is your favorite Puredistance perfume and why?
At the moment, my favorite perfume is Puredistance BLACK, which is an understated fragrance that doesn’t shout and develops nicely throughout the day. From the female fragrances, I personally like Puredistance OPARDU the most.

Could you explain a little bit more about the production process of making the Puredistance Leather Holders?
After we receive the right leather for the holders, we stamp out the leather pieces. Each Leather Holder has 2 leather pieces: one for front and for the back. One of the pieces is diluted and we stamp the text of Puredistance on the other piece. Later on, both pieces are stitched together and the edges are painted. It must be said that, even though the leather holder is a small product, there are many steps that need to be taken before delivering the finished product. Making small leather items takes time, which sometimes gets underestimated. It is easier for large companies in China to make them because they can mass produce it and offer it for a cheaper price. However, this doesn’t mean that the quality of the product will always be the same as making it in a small atelier.

If you were part of the Puredistance Team, what other leather accessory would you create for the Puredistance Master Perfume Collection?
I would work on making a promotional display in leather, for example creating a presentation box in leather where I would showcase the Perfume Flacons. In addition, I would think of creating a simple but chic furniture with leather for presenting the perfumes in the store or during events. 

Thursday, 30-01-2014
Interview with Mr. Green

Ms.Nhan, Owner of A2G and Mr Green

It is time for the “Monthly Interview Series”! These interviews are with people that have inspired us and love our brand. Just like us, we believe that everybody has it’s own unique story. And, we would like to know this story and share it with the readers of our website. The first interview of 2014 is with Mr. Green of A2G Luxury Perfume store in Vietnam. They just opened their first store in Hanoi. Below your can read the interview about his interest in perfumes and how he sees the perfume industry in Vietnam.

Could you tell us a little bit more about yourself and how did you decide to work in the perfume industry?
My name is Ha but people know me as Mr. Green. I work in the field of construction, however, I am very much interested in perfumes. I always buy perfumes whenever I travel abroad. My girlfriend and I like the same perfumes and it was her idea to start a perfume shop in Hanoi. I decided to support her as collecting perfumes has become my hobby as well. In addition to that, my friends like perfumes very much and, by opening a shop, I could introduce them to more unique and luxury perfumes that differ from the many mass fragrances that are in the market.

Can you explain to our readers the concept of the A2G Luxury Perfume store?
In Vietnam there are a lot of perfumeries with big beauty brand such as Chanel, Gucci and Dior. Their fragrances can be easily purchased from those perfumeries. However, the concept of the A2G Luxury Perfume store is to focus on exclusive and luxury products that stand out. More importantly, our store is the only store in Vietnam where customers can buy the exclusive and timeless perfumes of Puredistance.

The Puredistance counter at A2G Luxury Perfume store in Hanoi

How is it like to be one of the first stores to focus on niche perfumes? And, how did you come to the decision to sell niche perfumes?
My designer visited many perfumeries and we found out that they often place many perfumes  all together on the shelves. This makes them look like a regular beauty products. We, on the other hand, want to show each perfume like a picture or a painting and present them individually. In this way, the perfume will have more impact on a customer who is looking to a buy an elegant product.

When did you decide to open the new store and what makes your store different from others?
The rental costs are very high in Vietnam. Before you can rent something you have to meet with many consultants and retail owners. This is why we waited and decided to open a new store in June 2013.  We are located in Parkson, which is a famous department store in Asia. And, we hope to expand our concept store to other Parkon’s point of sales.

How would you describe the customers of the A2G Luxury Perfume store?
We sell our products based on the advised retail price that brands give us. This makes us more expensive than other perfumeries in Vietnam. However, every customers can go online and compare prices, see if the products we have are sold in other stores and whether it is easy to purchase them from somewhere else. And, since, we are a high end perfumery, our customers are businessmen and office staff with a relatively high income and who see perfume as part of their style.

We know that you will have a new marketing campaign with Ms.Hoang Anh. Could you perhaps tell us more about this special campaign?
Ms. Hoang Anh is the second prize winner of Miss Vietnam 2012. She is a very famous model and a classmate and friend of Ms. Nhan (the owner of A2G). We talked with her about our PR & Marketing campaign of 2014 and asked her to be the face of all our campaigns for this year (including Puredistance). We want to make Puredistance as well-known as possible among the young Vietnamese people.

What qualities attract you the most in Puredistance?
The great service, the innovative accessories and the luxury perfumes made by famous Master Perfumes. 

How does Puredistance fit with the concept of A2G Luxury Perfume?
It fits very well because with Puredistance we are able to offer our customers exclusive fragrances that are different from what is sold in other stores. We want to introduce Puredistance as the major luxury perfume brand at our current and future A2G stores.

If you were part of the Puredistance Team, what would you like to do and see this year?
Currently, you have 5 Master Perfumes with high percentage of perfume oil. We hope to see a broader range of perfumes in the future, especially for warm countries like Vietnam. We would like to have more perfumes that are wearable during the warmest seasons.

How do you see the development of the niche perfume industry in Vietnam?
Vietnam is a country with 90 million inhabitants. The economy is developing every year and the cosmetics and perfume industry is an important sector. For us, the most important thing is to make the Vietnamese people believe in the concept of our store and the luxury perfumes we are selling. In addition, our focus is to open a store in the two major cities of Vietnam; Hanoi and Hochiminh. This, in order to increase awareness for our concept and to increase the interest in luxury perfumes. In order to succeed we would need a strong support from Puredistance. 

We would like to compliment you on the beautiful presentation of our brand. We hope that more people in Vietnam will discover Puredistance in the near future and we are looking forward to visit you this year.
Wednesday, 15-01-2014
Puredistance event at Neroli Boutique

Neroli boutique in Riga, Latvia 

Our Sales Manager, Nele Tammiste visited Neroli boutique for the launch of Puredistance BLACK in Latvia. Here is what she had to say about the event:

"Few days before Christmas, I visited Neroli boutique in Riga to take part of a small event dedicated to their special customers. The presentation of Puredistance in Neroli is very elegant, sophisticated and perfectly fitting for the concept of the brand.

The presentation of Puredistance at Neroli

It is also worth mentioning that for December, the boutique had reserved all three windows of their perfumery in order to celebrate the arrival of our 5th master perfume - Puredistance Black. 

All three windows were decorated with Puredistance BLACK

Sharing the story of Puredistance with the customers

The event itself had warm and intimate atmosphere. I told the story of Puredistance to all the visitors of the evening and introduced our latest perfume. After presentation I had a few pleasant conversations with ladies who were especially fascinated by the beauty of our fragrances. I was happy to acknowledge that within a year we have gained the interest of so many perfume lovers in Latvia."

Thursday, 19-12-2013
Interview with Andrius Remisevskis

Puredistance would like to introduce the “Monthly Interview Series” with people that have inspired us and love our brand. Just like us, we believe that everybody has it’s own unique story. And, we would like to know this story and share it with the readers of our website. The last interview of 2013 is with Andrius Remisevskis, the owner of the Crème de la Crème perfumeries in Lithuania. Below your can read the interview about his experiences in the perfume industry and the success of Crème de la Crème.

Could you perhaps tell us more about your job? In which areas of the Crème de la Crème concept are you involved in and responsible for?
My job is essentially to improve the overall business of Crème de la Crème on a regular base. From the physical universe of the stores to the distribution of the products, managing and training the staff and overseeing all the processes. I am constantly trying to improve our business, in all fields of our activities.

In 2008 you opened your first Crème de la Crème store. How did you come to that decision?
It was a personal revolt against the banality and mediocrity. It was a move of "rational idealism". I had a desire to make an authentic local concept, based on my own aesthetic ideology.

The first Crème de la Crème store was opened in 2008 in Vilnius

In a short period of time Crème de la Crème expanded from one store to three. How did your first store grow and change over the years?
The most important & positive change is by far the increase in the number of customers and their perception of our concept. From being an unknown new store, Crème de la Crème has gained a lot of awareness and we have become very well known in short amount of time. Carrying the Crème de la Crème bag has become a symbol of elevated social status and a clear sign of the good taste of our customer.

According to the website of Crème de la Crème the assortment is "regularly updated with the most exciting brands from the beauty capitals of the world". How do you select these exciting luxury brands for your stores?
Selecting brands requires constant and specialized research. We continuously travel to discover new brands. We do not only look in the field of beauty but we also focus social trends and luxury in general.

Your perfume assortment consists predominantly of niche perfumes. Where does your love for niche perfumes come from?
Nowadays we prefer to use terms such as "haute parfumerie", "artistic" or “conceptual" perfumery to describe niche perfume houses. Those terms better reflect the nature of our business. In the best haute parfumerie houses of today, you will find true innovation, luxury and authenticity. Those houses are not afraid to challenge the large International beauty companies who dominate the industry. These haute parfumerie houses are clearly outdoing them in quality and creativity.

How does Puredistance fit with the concept of Crème de la Crème?
Puredistance is opulent and sincerely luxurious, the fragrances are bold and powerful, and there is a thorough attention to detail. Puredistance matches perfectly with the concept of our stores.

If you were part of the Puredistance Team, what would you like to do and see this year?
I already got my pleasant surprise! The launch of Puredistance Black has exceeded all expectations. It is a true masterpiece.

The second Crème de la Crème store was opened in 2010 in Kaunas

How do you see the development of the niche perfume industry?
When look at the perfume brand, we can see a huge amount of launches these days. However, we predict that very few brands will survive the reality test. Nowadays it is relatively easy to launch the first line of fragrances but is a huge challenge to grow it into something substantial. To my understanding, only the brands with the fundamental attitude will survive and grow in the long term. Big funds are needed to grow as well as international management expertise. In addition, quality retail in haute parfumerie is an issue because in many countries since there is no sufficient amount of truly luxurious retail points. However, we see that big financial entities and fragrance & retail heavyweights started showing interest in artistic perfumery. If handled delicately, an influx of money may bring substantial growth. The best brands will grow into larger companies and they will become global players. I predict, that certain elements of the strategies of big groups, such as direct advertising in printed media and high expenditure on personalisation of the POS, will be embraced by the most successful artistic brands. Retail wise, we will see more and more consolidation and appearance of larger conceptual chains.

Design plays an important role in all three stores. Did you always have an affinity for interior design?
I am born into an art family. My grandfather was a famous painter and mother was a textiles designer. I always had an eye for beautiful and proportionate things. Design, luxury, beauty and art are so interlinked, it is impossible to separate them. In terms of business, all human beings strive to touch, embrace and own a piece of something beautiful. Therefore beauty, art and design become very tangible and worth purchasing.

Even though each store has its own identity, there are some similarities between them. How would you describe the style of Crème de la Crème?
Warm Minimalism. We rely upon the principles of Modernism, the clarity of shapes and on "less is more". We also care a lot about the materials that we use so that they are really pleasant to not only look at but also to touch. The question I always ask myself, when looking into the proposals of the architects, is how the design will stand the test of time. I am obsessed with timelessness.

The third Crème de la Crème store was opened in 2012 in Klaipeda

How was it like working with different architects on the design of the stores?
Each encounter with talented architect is exciting. In Baltic countries we have real talents of international caliber. Being in a young economy, our architects are not burdened with tradition and have their eyes wide open for innovation.

The beautiful design of your stores did not go unnoticed. In fact, Crème de la Crème was included in Powershop 3 from Frame Publishers. How did you feel when you found out that your store was going to be included in the renowned retails design book?
I am truly proud that we have created designs of international appeal even though we come from a relatively unknown region of Europe. It is far easier to become noticed if you are from Paris, London or New York.

Are there any interior design pieces that customers complement a lot and love in one of the stores?
Our customer love the Hans Wegner chairs and the Tom Dixon lighting as well as some of our custom made pieces. Some wealthy people even come with their own architects and point to them that they want a feeling of Crème de la Crème in their homes!

Are there any plans of opening a new store in following years?
We plan to double the number of stores in the next coming years in the Baltics. We will also introduce unique services of perfume diagnosis, in partnership with our friends from Paris. However, we can not say more about these unique services yet.
Tuesday, 26-11-2013
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